Monday, 27 December 2010

More snow

We are promised a bit of a thaw this week but today we woke to another few inches of the white stuff. I drove to Crieff when perhaps I shouldnt have. My car has bee great but other road users are hopeless.
There were only the 3 of us but that was fine and I enjoyed running with E and Colin before doing the 2nd half of the 10K by myself. At least 2 other Harriers were out and about ad Fiona L turned up late.
The 10k was looking good dressed in white and fine underfoot. Of course after such a long lay off it is simply good t be "out there".
I note that a few pounds have gone on over Xmas so its back to the fruit.

Sunday, 26 December 2010

All over for another year

Had a great Christmas day. Really couldn't have been any better.
Had a fab run with Phil. We did an hour on the hills above Comrie. Ran past a stunning frozen waterfall. All the tracks were fine to run on despite snow and ice and -8deg temp. Views stunning and great company.
Then back home for lovely brunch and pressie opening. We skyped some rels which I find amazing and headed over to Crieff to have dinner with E, Phil and boys where we stayed o/night.
We had a lovely dinner and evening.
A perfect Christmas!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010


The last 4/52 or so has been blooming cold.
Running wise I have been doing something 2-3x/week with steady progress.
Last night I did 6m on the treadmill which is as much as I could stand I think. I felt fine and got down to 6.40 pace which was pleasing.
Last Sat we had out mincepie run which was 5.4m over the frozen wastes of Aberuchill. We had 20 Harriers which was great.
There's no sign of a thaw so running will be limited over Christmas but as long as I improve I am happy.
It was -13deg at 10am today which seems ridiculous

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


The green shoots have been covered by snow for the last 10/7. However I have managed a couple of efforts on the treadmill in the local rec.
On Sat I did 3.75m followed by 4.5m on Monday.
I am keeping it to alternate days for now. Trying to be sensible!
The aim is the mince pie run a week on Saturday.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Green shoots???

So, its been 11 weeks since a proper run outside now and over 4 weeks since the last new injury
Everything seems to be working now so I started running v v gently on the treadmill at the gym in Crieff
I've done 3 efforts and the last one totalled a big 2.5m.
Well its a start.
I've no aspirations now except to get back running outside and to enjoy it again. Asking too much???

Friday, 5 November 2010

Lots of exercise but no running

Over the last 5 weeks or so I have been swimming 3-4x/week, going to the gym 1-2x/week, cycling on the stationary bike 2x/week and doing a bit of yoga.
I feel my overall fitness is pretty good and the injuries feel fine however I have been advised to give it another 4 weeks before running. Seems a bit excessive so I might slowly start running on the treadmill in 2 weeks time.
Hopefully a rest from running will prove to have been a good thing in the long run and all this crosstraining should help especially if I can keep some of it going once I get back running.
For the record I can now swim 800m reasonably comfortably although there is a massive potential improvement if I can cut out the gasping at the end of each length.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Still not runnning

I was making some decent progress until last Sunday when I reinjured my calf. I had got up to 15min on the treadmill a few days before that but after 12 min my calf suddenly went again.
A friend reckons a calf needs 6 weeks to properly heal and be strong enough to run on again.
I clearly need to give it quite a long rest.
In the meantime I am swimming 3x/week and going to the gym.
Its all incredibly frustrating but there dont seeem to be any shortcuts.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

1 month on

My last real run was the SWCHR 1 month ago. Since then I've struggled with an achilles tendonitis and when I did a 1.5mile run 2 weeks ago I strained my calf!!
I am feeling pretty good however. I have started swimming and even done some cycling and joined a gym. I feel alot less stiff and sore than I usually do and can now get out of the chair without hobbling the 1st few steps.
Swimming is v v difficult for me but does fit in well with work. I felt like the new boy in Perth when I got in the fast lane. I was ejected for being slow and swimming on the wrong side.
So what about running? I will do v short runs on the treadmill for a while until I am convinced everything is OK. It really is almost like starting all over again.
I need to cross train when I start running and cut down on the number of races I am doing.
This year really has been a running disaster but hopefully I can lay the foundations for a better year in 2011. If not there is always golf.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Sheriffmuir 11 miler

I was v unsure whether to do this race or not and got it wrong
I had had a sore lateral R ankle the previous few days and it wasnt quite right. I di a 1/2 m warmup and could feel it but decided to give it a go anyway
I could feel the ankle the whole way and was pleased to finish the race at all.
I dont think my energy levels were great anyway but I was disappointed with my pace and time. I finished 6th in 74.19 and was hobbling around and feeling sorry for myself immediately after.
Since then I have rested it and dont know when it will be OK to run on.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Comrie fortnight hill race

This 5 mile loop north of Comrie used to be promoted as a fun run. It wasnt and it isnt however what it is is a good wee race that gets you working hard all the way round.
It was a lovely evening and the course was in great condition. Will headed off and I kept visual until about 2 miles when he took an unintended shortcut!
I ran really well(how often can I say that) the whole way round to finish in 2nd place with a pb of 34.42 and I really enjoyed it. A few others took the wrong turn that Will did but it didnt really make much difference and I would still have been a long way behind Will.
We retired to the pub afterwards so it was a cracking evening all round.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Helensburgh half marathon

1 hour 25min 54sec.
I went over for this race on my own. It was the 3rd time I've done this well organised sl undulating race but not since 2006.
I have spent the last week feeling v tired after the long run a week ago so wasnt sure what to expect.
I set off at 6.30 pace and with the exception of a couple of miles more or less maintained that. I finished well overtaking 2-3 runners in the last couple of miles which is a good sign. Although this is the slowest I have run this race I was v pleased as my time was the upper part of my aspirations for the day.
4 days to recover for the Comrie fortnight hill race!

Monday, 26 July 2010

5x5 relay

On Saturday we had a club relay of the tds and 10K circuit so 25m and 5 legs and 5 teams. I did leg 3 and was happy with my run of 51.32 although sorry I couldnt catch Phil.
I did 10 in total. 6.12 race and 4m jog down to Crieff. A great day.
Yesterday I did 21.75m starting fron Dalchonzie and doing a loop of Loch Earn. I found this v v hard the whole way. My time was 3h 01 and I have done it in 2h 39 before!! However its a tough run done and hopefully I will get the benefit. later. My TAs were v tight after saturday. I was completely knackered at the end of yesterdays run, absolutely on empty.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Crieff 10K

Not my greatest day but I did enjoy most of the run. Felt like I had nothing in the legs for the last 2m.
I will concentrate on training now for the next 3 weeks or so

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Brig bash "5"

Last wednesday I did the above race. It was a flat 5miler and the 1st 5 miler I have ever done.
There were 10 harriers. Will led the way and finished in just over 29min. A great effort.
I found the race quite tough and came 21st in 31.31. I was really quite happy with that.
I have done 25m this week so far with the Crieff 10K to come tomorrow so things are slowly picking up.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Lairig Ghru race

Went up to Braemar for this 28 mile race yesterday. Quite a good turnout including Kate Jenkins fresh from winning the WHW race last week and competing in the Arrochar alps race on Saturday!!!The race takes you out along Deeside. Really nice running and scenery for about 10M. Then it all changes as the path becomes v rough for about the next 9 miles. The Lairig Ghru itself is absolutely stunning but I was too busy looking at the next rock on the path to admire it much.The boulder fields are horrendous broken up by some snowfields which were great as I could actually run on them. After that (2850 feet) you go down on v rough tracks for a few miles. I was passed by quite a few at this stage.About 7m from the end Rothiemurchis forest is entered which is really lovely with the bonus of lovely forest tracks to run on. I did reel a few in but was struggling with cramp which slowed me down quite a bit.The end is in Aviemore high st.I finished in 4h 37m which I was quite happy with overall. Dont know my position yetI'm really glad to have done this race but wont be doing it again as it just doesnt play to my strengths.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Not sure

I have been planning to do the Lairig ghru race for some time. In fact its a race I've been meaning to do for years but something always happens to prevent it.
Thursday I did my last run and fely a definite tweak in the left calf and yesterday I felt really cr*p. Feel a bit better today but not sure whether to go to Braemar or not. Its a long way to turn round after a few miles.
Last weekend I ran the inaugural Orchill Rd race. It was supposed to be 10M but was 1/4 mile short. I came 8th in 64.45 and won a £50 voucher for an outfit called doitoutdoors!! Sounds dodgy but I will be doing some flyfishing with them at some point.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A great week off

Last week I took a week off work. We had some friends to stay for the 1st half of the week and last Monday Aidan and I went off to do the last 2 mamores for me which were binain beag and mor. We had stunning weather and I can honestly say it was one of the best days on the hills I can remember. We had stunning views across to nevis and finished in about 7.5 hrs.
Last wed was the Lang Toun 10K. I think 14 harriers did this. I had been feeling off colour all day so wasnt in a great state of mind for the start. Several Glasgow Uni students turned up and went off at a crazy pace. I decided to take it easy and started passing people by 1K. After about 4K I had finished passing people and despite feeling pretty knackered held my position to finish 1st vet in 40.17. Not a great time but hey.
The day after I was up at 5.45 to head off north for 3 days.
The 1st day I drove to Glen Cannich(4hrs) and parked below Loch Mullardoch dam to do 4 Munros and 20m. It was a superb day again. I headed up to Carn nan Gobhar and was soon sweating heavily. This was a problem because I was soon out of water and getting v thirsty. After Sgurr lapaich I met a walker who gave me a liter of water and I was soon able to fill up from a burn. The 3rd munro an rabaichan like the one before was big (1150m) and a long ridge. Then a craggy descent to the last bealach of the day and up to an socach. I wasnt sure which way to come off and picked the wrong way and ended up amonst peat hags. Finally what I had hoped was a nice run along the loch for 6m was anything but. There was barely a path and it was hard going. I finished at 8.30 tired but happy.
I B&bd in Inverness and abandoned ideas of Ben Wyvis and headed over to Gairloch for the harriers weekend.
Again we were blessed with great weather. Phil and I canoed around an island and saw all sorts including a couple of otters.
On Saturday 8 of us ran/walked slioch in 4.5 hrs. A tremendous day out although the descent was not to my liking. What a great hill though.
Sunday we did a tortoise and hare thing which I had the good fortune to win with Fiona which was nice then I headed back home v tired but happy.
A post script is I woke on Monday with a v sore L hamstring. I've no idea how that happened but it looks like a few days off.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Night run on the WHW

I wanted to get a longish run in this weekend so when I heard about a group doing Milngavie to Balmaha I thought "why not?". The catch was that We were starting at 10.30pm.
Ian picked me up and we met the others(Peter, Richie and Stan) at 10pm and drove down to the start. The nightlife at Balmaha was evidently interesting. We had a bizarre conversation with an inebriated young lady and were glad when Stan arrived to whisk us off.
It was dark when we started and 10.30. After 2m Peter pulled up short and started berating himself for leaving his car keys in Stans car. This meant someone would have to drive him down and back up again to Balmaha. Richie and Stan kindly did the honours.
The run went as these things tend to, lots of chat and an easy pace. The conditions were cool and ideal. I quickly realised that my headtorch is no longer up to it. I was running in the light of others which is less than ideal. Ironically it was Ian who had a tumble shortly after the Beech Inn. He has a couple of lacerations but otherwise OK fortunately.
About 10m I really started to feel tired. By 13m I was remembering why I find the WHW race so hard. Its really difficult to run at a time you should be tucked up in bed.
I was OK most of the way but just before and coming off Conic Hill was v slow as I needed the light of Ian's torch to progress. Needless to say I will be investing in a new torch soon.
Peter and Richie did head off and the remaining 3 arrived in Balamaha carpark at about 3am.
All in all a good trip but a timely reminder of the work I am going to have to do next year if I am to do the WHW again.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Kinnoull Hil race

Wed 19th 32.39. 4miles
A great turnout for this race up through the woods and down through the woods. In fact we had 13 Harriers-hurrah.
I felt pretty good considering the weekend before. I hadnt run for 2/7 and after a good warm up we set off at a great rate of knots. Lots of elbowing for position. There are some pretty steep sections on the way up and after about a mile I was gubbed and had to nurse myself the rest of the way up. I reached the monument in 14min and with some relief set off down. A few passed me going down but not that many. In fairness there's no technical downhill running so it suited me better than most hillraces. I finished 4th harrier and was quite happy with that.
Unfortunately I seem to have another calf prob. Left this time. It doesnt feel too bad and as I have an enforced rest this weekend thats probably a good thing.

Sunday, 16 May 2010


I was planning a 5 mile pootle this morning until Ian suggested joining him for A TDS (20.5m). He had done a 20miler yesterday so i knew we would both be taking it easy. I am aware also that I need to get some miles in if I am going to make the lairig ghru at the end of June.
We started at about 8.45 on a morning designed for running. I had some concerns about a calf and a hamstring but in the event they behaved themselves pretty well.
So we enjoyed a good chat and both finished in reasonable shape 3h 10min later. Result!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Loch Leven 1/2M

Liz and I travelled over to Kinross for this race today. It goes around the loch as the name suggests. I had done this race once before in 2003 and found it quite tough.
We arrived in plenty of time but in the event were the last to arrive at the start which must be one of the least attractive starts around being in what appears to be an industrial estate.
Conditions were pretty good apart from a stiff west southwesterly.
The 1st few miles were easy with the wind behind. There is a fairly good sized hill at 4m. I had set off slowly and after 2M I started overtaking. I was able to pass people for the rest of the race which is a nice way to run .
At 7M a 2m hill starts. For the last 4m we ran into the wind head on. I was OK but feeling the lack of distance in my legs by 10/11m. The last mile was a trial but I finished in 1h 28.41 which I was pretty happy with.
It was a nice well organised race and 3 other Harriers went over for it.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Glenlednock race

Yesterday the 2nd running of this 8.5mile race was held which starts in Comrie. Its a tough road race up the glen.
There were only 33 runners and 13 of then were harriers. I think its all to do with distance. How do you know if your performance is any good over such an infrequently run distance? I just dont think many are going to travel for this sort of race. If it were a 10k or 10miles that would be different.
Anyway we set off and within 1/2 a mile I was in 4th place and watching the 2 lead guys head off into the distance. I had the guy in 3rd to hang onto however. The race is steep at 1st then undulates up the whole way. Its hard work. Of course when you turn round there is the motivation of seeing others. I had the unwelcome sight of the 1st lady just behind me at halfway and knew I was going to have to run well to stay ahead.
The run down also undulates of course and it wasnt easy either. I was tired for some reason and had to dig deep. However the scenery is lovely and it was a great day for racing. Cool and dry.
I could hear Beryl's footsteps the whole way down and with 1/2mile to go she was right on my shoulder. I was also harbouring thoughts of catching the 3rd placed guy. In the event we all maintained our positions.
I finished 4th in 55.31 which is 6.31 pace over 8.5m. I made it 8.32m so thats a less impressive 6.40 pace. However I am happy with either.
I also got a vets prize of £20 of somerfield vouchers.
We had a nice bacon butty in a local cafe so all in all a good day.

Monday, 26 April 2010

I spoke too soon

Last Wed is was enjoying the Harriers run and actually thinking to myself "I 'm really finding running easy at the moment" when I felt a pull in my left calf. I was able to jog back OK and hoped it would be OK after a short break. Unfortunately when I went out on Sat it was far from alright. So its back to cycling and hoping its not too long a layoff.
I was really looking forward to the Kinross 10K as well.
On a more positive note I marshalled at Rowardennan for the H Fling on saturday and really enjoyed it. It was great to see so many people I knew and wish them well.
Liz and Elizabeth did leg2 which finishes at Rowrdennan and it was great to see them come in so well.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Bridge of Allan 10k and a tour de strathearn

Yesterday I did a new race in Bridge of Allan. It was billed as the toughest 10K in the UK.
It was run in a fine drizzle which was ideal. Four of us from the harriers went over so it was good to have a team spirit.
It was a pretty tough event with over a 1000 feet of climbing on rural roads. Thankfully I was feeling good and after a slow start I passed a few runners and by the time we left the Uni campus and started climbing I was in 5th place which is where I stayed.
The long hill I remembered from a cycle. It is a v steep and long hill. After this hill there is a steep descent then a not so bad hill. After about 4.5 miles a long descent starts. It was great belting downwards. At the foot of the hill was a marshal who said that it was all downhill. Almost immediately after that we started going up again!. Anyway I finished in 41.18 although the course was abit short.
They do need to sort the distance out but apart from that it was a great event and I won a nice running top for being 1st MV!
Today I had the day off and had planned for some time to do a TDS.
Conditions were good but cool. Again I felt good from the start. Apart from a couple of walks on the steepest hills I ran strongly the whole way round and finished in 3.02hrs.
I clocked it as 20.5m which is .5m longer tham Ian had it when we along with Phil famously went round in 2.51hrs. So perhaps we took a slightly shorter route that day.
I am delighted to be running well again. Long may it last.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

A good weekend

7 miles on Friday
Yesterday Liz and I did a walk north of Comrie with some friends. I had seen the maam road before and its road renovation. However I was quite unprepared for how far along the ridge to Crappich hill they have gone. It doesnt go all the way to Crappich hill but avafir way and it will make a big difference to leg2 on our hill race
Today I did possibly my favourite run around Glen Artney which was 10m.It was a stunning run and I really enjoyed it. There have been alot of changes at Aberuchill estate as well with renovations of the cottages and general upgrading.
33m for the week

Friday, 9 April 2010

Fri 9th. Looking ahead

Had a really nice run on Wednesday with 5 other Harriers. We did a tempo run or the 10K which worked well even in the mud.
Today I did a run to Braco and back which is 7m. To be honest it wasnt a great run but no injuries and a lovely morning so Im not complaining.
Time to declare some goals.
A week on Sunday there is a new 10K from Bridge of Allan which I would like to do. Its a hilly one so time doesnt matter
29th April is the Kinross 10k
9th May is the Glenlednock race
15th may is the Loch Leven 1/2M
19th may is the Kinnoull Hill race
If I can all the above I will be a happy man.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Tue 6th

Yesterday I did a run from PRI down to the N Inch and did a a couple of circuits before returning.
Felt OK and managed a decent 2nd lap in just over 10min.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Take it easy

Yesterday I did a 9 miler with Phil. I only intended to do 5m or so and we fairly pushed the pace. I really enjoyed the run but am aware I need to reign myself in at this stage so I will have a cycle today and assess tomorrow

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Something positive at last

Yesterday I did 7 miles at 7.14 pace which I was quite pleased with
Today we had an orienteering event organised by Phil for the harriers. I didnt have massive expectations for this but in the end had a fantastic time. I ended up running 7miles but it was great fun with different people whizzing around in different directions. It was all followed by a picnic in the park. The weather was also kind.
This is definitely something I would like to do more of.
Finally I have just heard that 3 Harriers completed the Deesde 33, 2 in their 1st ultra. Well done to all 3. Sounds like a good event. Next year perhaps.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Slow progress

I cant believe it ! Its the end of march and we have 18 inches of snow and 3 feet high snow drifts. I ploughed into a snow drift on the way to work this morning and got well and truly stuck. After a short walk back home to retieve the snow shovel I was able to extricate myself and went to work the long way round. The weather this winter really has been terrible. We now have a functional generator so if the power goes off we should be OK.
Last week I did 17 miles over 4 runs. I seem to have all sorts of stresses and strains but thats not unusual after a layoff. I was in England visiting family and did 2 runs with my sister, Elizabeth which was nice.
On Monday I did my first 5 miler around Aberuchill. It was not too bad and it felt great to be out running around Comrie. Yesterday I was able to do 30min on the turbo trainer. Its great to have that option for the bad weather.
Weight: 12 st 31b

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Easy does it

I seem to be running again. Over the weekend I managed a 2m then a 3 and felt OK. in fact I felt alot better than I usually do after a layoff. It could be that all the cycling on the turbotrainer has helped. I rested yesterday and ran this evening doing just over 4m. There is certainly some tightness behind the ankle but it was no worse at the end.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Injury update

The cold turned out to be a bad one but I am over it now and have spent 30min/day on the bike for the last 3 days.
I did try running yesterday but after about 200m I could feel the discomort behind my R ankle . It didnt go off and I just did a mile. I had forgotten about that problem as it hasnt been bothering me for days whilst not running. So another couple of days rest and I might try again.
Alloa is clearly not going to happen for me.
This is all very frustrating.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

More misery

And now I've got a cold.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Ongoing problems

We are in the middle of a lovely spell of weather and I'm not able to run.
The problem seems to be a posterior peroneal tendonitis (right). 2 days of voltarol settled things considerably but it is still not right.
I feel quite resigned at the moment to giving it as long as it takes now. I have run 202m this year so my fitness level will be low so I've little to gain from pushing things. I can cycle on the turbotrainer so I will do that.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A run of sorts

I struggled around a 4m circuit in Perth yesterday evening. My calf was spasming and complaining the whole way but didnt really hurt. I always feel rubbish when I havent run for a while instead of heading off gazelle like after a rest. Dont know why but thats how it is for me.
With Alloa in just over 2 weeks my best case scenario is to be able to run it without injury. In fact I may well end up not doing it at all.
This is all rather disappointing i must say.
On the plus side it is a cold but lovely spell of weather. We still have an enourmous amount of snow at home but the road is clear. We are just leaving the cars at the top.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

A week without running

Just online after 2.5 days without electricity and marooned at home in 3 ft of snow.
I have also had a virus of some kind.
However the calf feels OK so now the road is open again I might try a run tomorrow.
I think its all a blessing in disguise from a running point of view as I have really rested the calf now.
However the last 3 days have been really horrible. No power means no water/heating etc.
We have a woodburning stove in the lounge which provided our only heati ng and we used it to cook on as well. It might sound fun but it wasnt. Fortunately we both smelled so it didnt bother us!
Here's to a good March.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Under the weather

My calf was really quite sore after the massage.
Yesterday I started to feel generally grotty and today its fairly clear I have a virus of some kind.
Added to that its snowed 8" today with maybe another foot to come.
I feel things are definitely against me at the moment.
The Alloa 1/2m is simply going to be an ordinary race with no aspitations of doing well.
I need to readjust my focus to getting in good shape for early summer.
Perhaps thats no bad thing

Sunday, 21 February 2010

10 miler

On another wonderful winters morning I did a 10.5 mile run on the roads to the south of Comrie.
Soon after starting I bumped into Ian who was doing a long run and didnt seem to be having the best time. Hopefully things improved as they tend to.
My run was OK for pace. I averaged 7.35/mile which is fine the day after a race but my calf is still a problem. I have a massage this afternoon so hopefully that will help.
There were alot of cyclists out possibly in a race???

Saturday, 20 February 2010

National cross country champs

4 of us went over to Falkirk for this annual event.
I had run 5m last night and had quite a bit of discomfort in the right calf but thought I would give it a go anyway.
After a 1m warmup we set off on a glorious winter day. It was cold but bright with clear blue sky and hardly any wind
Phil went off to the front but I caught and passed him about half way round the 1st of 3 laps. I felt fine but by the 2nd lap my calf was a bit uncomortable and my pace dropped. However it was great to be racing again.
Not too far into the 3rd lap Phil overtook me. It did give me a kick up the backside and I gave chase. Now I have to say it was very uncomfortable upping the pace and Phil continued to surge. A few 100m from the end he got a few metres on me and I let him go. Well I couldnt do much about it. The final straight was v muddy but a few runners belted past.
I finished in 51.35 which is 1.45 slower than last year. However I am just pleased to have got round.
Ian finished shortly after me and Gordon some way back.
A good day.
My calf is stiff again but we will see what tomorrow brings

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

I spoke too soon

Got up Monday morning, went downstairs and pulled my right calf. Thats the bit out of the 2 that I hadnt pulled before!!
Its not too bad and I am cycling (indoors) but v v frustrating.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Back in the groove

2 much better days thank goodness
Yesterday I did the time trial at the harriers. Another v poor turnout but it doesnt really matter as its what I am doing that matters.
I did the 5m in 32.58 which is my best for about a year.
Today I did the 15.7m loop from home with hardly any injury scares in 2h 4.30. Thats about par for that run which I was keen not to push. I did it without anti inflammatories and without eating.
I feel I am back on course now but hope to go a long time now without any injuries.

Friday, 12 February 2010

calf worries

Did a 7 miler today but was wondering if I would be able to run at all.
After Wed nights club run I woke yesterday morn and felt a sharp pain at the back of my left calf.
I thought it would soon go but persisted all day. Anyway this morning it felt fine but after 6m I felt a spasm in the right calf. I think its OK but its a time trial tomorrow so we'll see.
I have now had 4 or 5 pulls/strains in my calfs. This could be because of all the running in snow in dec/jan but its getting v annoying.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

La Gomera revisited

Liz and I got back from our trip to the Canaries last night. We had a great week in the middle of the Atlantic and enjoyed a lovely hotel and great weather.
From a running point of view it went pretty well. I had had 2/52 off apart from a 2m tryout and managed 35m in the week away and an 8m walk. I ran 6/7 days and even ran on the return trip in Teneriffe. Liz is also getting the bit between her teeth and did the same as me.
My L calf is still delicate but hopefully the worst is behind.
I cant say what a great boost it is to get shorts on and run in the warmth again.
So back to the gloom but the evenings are drawing out and it was light at 7.20 this morning so things are looking up.
Almost all the running on La Gomera is on hills so it will be interesting to see what effect that has. Last year I came back feeling really strong.

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Annual club night out

Last night was the Strathearn harriers annual bash.
We had a fantastic night with a lovely dinner and great Ceilidh after.
My speech seemed to go OK which is always a relief as I dont find these things easy. It was my last as President.
My calf seemed to stand up fine to some fairly vigorous if not accurate dancing. Poor Liz damaged toes thanks to me. I had a massage on friday. I will give it another couple of days and then hopefully I will be up and running again

Friday, 29 January 2010

Calf update

This nothing to do with WHW runner's highly informative dissertation on cow shooing.
I did try a run 2 days ago and it wasnt great. I did just over 2m and there was cetainly a reaction. So I will rest it another week
In the meantime I have done 30min on my bike (attached to turbotrainer) every day this week. My calf seems no worse after each session.
Unfortunately I wont be able to do the relay tomorrow.
Of course its all getting frustrating now and all the platitudes of a rest doing some good etc have worn off and its never a good time to have an injury.
Ah well KBO.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Shopping in Glasgow

As I am not up to running yet Liz and I decided to have a day out in Glasgow.
When we sat down having lunch I was looking around at the other people and it suddenly occurred to me to ask Liz "is this what normal people do on a Saturday ?"
She was able to tell me that people who dont run most days or cycle or whatever it may be, do in fact spend most weekends browsing around shops and drinking coffee. I reflected that perhaps being injured occassionally isnt all that bad. I bought a new jacket and some shirts and quite enjoyed the day out.
Glasgow really is a v nice city centre and I will be going more often. I even enjoyed the train.
However we did spend quite alot of time planning running races which was also v nice.
The calf seems to be responding to rest. Maybe a couple more days off running will do.
The next event is a club relay I am organising next Saturday. Hopefully we will get a decent turnout.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Calf injury

2 days ago I ran up the glen artney Rd in the gloom. The plan was to do a 10m circuit and despite the conditions I was looking forward to the run. After 2m I had a brief stop and just after I set off again (uphill) I felt a pain in my left medial calf. Foolishly I carried on thinking I would probably run it off. After about another 3m it had become pretty obvious that it was getting worse so I started walking and trying to thumb a lift. A car did stop quite soon after and gave me a lift down to Comrie which was pretty lucky really.
Mt calf feels tight rather than painful so I am hopeful it isnt serious and that I may be running again in a few days.
Not a bad time of the year to pick up an injury if one has to be picked up and the rest might do me some good.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

7m tempo

Ran down to the N Inch last night to do 3 circuits. The ice has almost cleared thank goodness except for one corner which a cyclist discovered as he was passing me. I was amazed that anyone was trying to cycle over sheet ice and I was walking. Down he went but no harm done.
I felt pretty tired which may have been the effects of a long day at work and sleeping poorly recently.
I am getting pretty fed up of the dark and ice but hopefully better days are ahead.
My right knee has been quite achey for the last 2-3/52. I woke in the night and it felt like it had really stiffened up. It doesnt bother me when I run. Sounds like wear and tear to me. I have been taking glucosamine for almost a year now which I do think has helped. Hopefully warmer weather will help the knee.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Run around Crieff

Today was a bit of a disastor as far as running is concerned.
We had an unexpected freeze last night and I ended up doing a v icey run with Phil and Daniel in the vicinity of Crieff.
I did entertain the idea of running home but it would hve been horrible and icey so I called it a day and live to run another day.
Thats 38m for the week.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

interval session

Yesterday i forced myself out in the wind and rain for a 6x1/2 mile session.
Did this on the Langside Rd. Wasnt my fastest by a long way with intervals of 3 min with the wind at my back and 3,10-15 the other way. Worthwhile though and good to it under my belt,

slush and rain

Yesterday I did an out and back on the S Crieff Rd of 10m. Felt pretty good and averaged 7.15.
It was v wet but thats a small price to pay for secure running on tarmac.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Ben Lui and tarmac

On Friday I did 6x 1/2 mile reps on the S Crieff Rd. V slow I'm sad to report. I was averaging 6.20 pace which is awful but it was cold. At least i did it !
Yesterday I did a hill walk up Ben Lui with 4 friends. Its an 18km day with 900+m ascent so a good workout in the snow.It was a really good day but not great viz at the top.
This moening I was pushes for time so did a 4m mile tempo run from home on tarmac!!!
It was great.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Winter continues

Winter really is in full force. Record low temps (-21deg last night in altnahara and -14deg in Greenloaning yest am) and lots of media coverage. In these conditions its pointless sticking to plans that arent practical.
Yesterday I did a 5.8m run in Perth before work which was great in some ways. It was lovely to see the sun coming up over a wintry landscape in Perth.
Tonight I am going to try some reps if the road is good enough, tomorrow its winter walking in the Cairngorms.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

7 icey miles

Yesterday I did an excellent walk up Ben Vorlich with John K. Fab views and soft snow almost all the way to the top.
Today i was back at work in Perth. I donned my trail shoes and slipped and slithered down glasgow road to do 3 circuits of the n Inch.
The Inch wasnt too bad to run on but the pavements in Perth are an absolute disgrace. There appears to have been little effort to clear them and now its too late. Some of the ice is several inches thick and like iron. I guess the council are trying to save money but how much has it cost the NHS for all the broken bones?
Running in these conditions is less than ideal as I find it puts a big strain on the calves. However its better than not running I guess.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

2010 goals

A good start to 2010.
Yesterday i did the harriers new years day run and added on leg1 of the SWCHR for 8.7m. Lots of deep snow and a cold wind.
Today Phil m, Ian and I did a hill rep session of 8x 2min. V tough in snowy conditions but felt pretty good.

For 2010 my goals for running are as follows;
1. Do a sub 37min 10K
2. Do a sub 85min half marathon.
3.Do a sub 3 hour marathon.