Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A great week off

Last week I took a week off work. We had some friends to stay for the 1st half of the week and last Monday Aidan and I went off to do the last 2 mamores for me which were binain beag and mor. We had stunning weather and I can honestly say it was one of the best days on the hills I can remember. We had stunning views across to nevis and finished in about 7.5 hrs.
Last wed was the Lang Toun 10K. I think 14 harriers did this. I had been feeling off colour all day so wasnt in a great state of mind for the start. Several Glasgow Uni students turned up and went off at a crazy pace. I decided to take it easy and started passing people by 1K. After about 4K I had finished passing people and despite feeling pretty knackered held my position to finish 1st vet in 40.17. Not a great time but hey.
The day after I was up at 5.45 to head off north for 3 days.
The 1st day I drove to Glen Cannich(4hrs) and parked below Loch Mullardoch dam to do 4 Munros and 20m. It was a superb day again. I headed up to Carn nan Gobhar and was soon sweating heavily. This was a problem because I was soon out of water and getting v thirsty. After Sgurr lapaich I met a walker who gave me a liter of water and I was soon able to fill up from a burn. The 3rd munro an rabaichan like the one before was big (1150m) and a long ridge. Then a craggy descent to the last bealach of the day and up to an socach. I wasnt sure which way to come off and picked the wrong way and ended up amonst peat hags. Finally what I had hoped was a nice run along the loch for 6m was anything but. There was barely a path and it was hard going. I finished at 8.30 tired but happy.
I B&bd in Inverness and abandoned ideas of Ben Wyvis and headed over to Gairloch for the harriers weekend.
Again we were blessed with great weather. Phil and I canoed around an island and saw all sorts including a couple of otters.
On Saturday 8 of us ran/walked slioch in 4.5 hrs. A tremendous day out although the descent was not to my liking. What a great hill though.
Sunday we did a tortoise and hare thing which I had the good fortune to win with Fiona which was nice then I headed back home v tired but happy.
A post script is I woke on Monday with a v sore L hamstring. I've no idea how that happened but it looks like a few days off.