Saturday, 29 May 2010

Night run on the WHW

I wanted to get a longish run in this weekend so when I heard about a group doing Milngavie to Balmaha I thought "why not?". The catch was that We were starting at 10.30pm.
Ian picked me up and we met the others(Peter, Richie and Stan) at 10pm and drove down to the start. The nightlife at Balmaha was evidently interesting. We had a bizarre conversation with an inebriated young lady and were glad when Stan arrived to whisk us off.
It was dark when we started and 10.30. After 2m Peter pulled up short and started berating himself for leaving his car keys in Stans car. This meant someone would have to drive him down and back up again to Balmaha. Richie and Stan kindly did the honours.
The run went as these things tend to, lots of chat and an easy pace. The conditions were cool and ideal. I quickly realised that my headtorch is no longer up to it. I was running in the light of others which is less than ideal. Ironically it was Ian who had a tumble shortly after the Beech Inn. He has a couple of lacerations but otherwise OK fortunately.
About 10m I really started to feel tired. By 13m I was remembering why I find the WHW race so hard. Its really difficult to run at a time you should be tucked up in bed.
I was OK most of the way but just before and coming off Conic Hill was v slow as I needed the light of Ian's torch to progress. Needless to say I will be investing in a new torch soon.
Peter and Richie did head off and the remaining 3 arrived in Balamaha carpark at about 3am.
All in all a good trip but a timely reminder of the work I am going to have to do next year if I am to do the WHW again.