Friday, 26 April 2013

5 weeks and no work

As of today I am off work until the beginning of June.
My heel is still sore but I am hopeful I will be able to do the walking I have planned. No Balfron for me so it's off to Glen Shiel tomorrow to do the saddle then 2 hills next to Loch Lochy on Sunday. I am camping tomorrow night to see how the new tent is so that will be an experience of some sort.
An orthopaedic friend reckons it's not PF but a traumatised heel fat pad. Dont know whether to be pleased or not but I guess the treatment is the same ie no running. I have ordered some heel gel pads.
Check in after the walking

Sunday, 14 April 2013

You can go now PF

This sore heel has stubbornly hung around. I am doing all the right things apart from complete rest.
Here's the equation. I think I am in good shape and the balfrom 10K is 2 weeks today which has been my target race this year. If I do nothing then I will probably blow a decent 10K but the PF might get better, the  again it might not.
Also the day after the 10K is the start of my 5 week walking odyssey. Dont want to be incapacitated for that.
So I have done 3 treadmill sessions totalling 10 miles this week but all quality speedwork. I reckon if I can keep the speed up all will be well and hopefully the PF will be rested enough to get better.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Tom Scott Memorial 10 miler


The Tuesday before this, so a week ago I felt some pain in my right heel. I thought it had largely settled and did 3 miles on the treadmill on the Saturday
Anyway, I went over to Strathclyde Park and felt OK.
It was a top quality field and the pace was  v fast at the front. I settled OK and felt average.
The 1st 5 miles went by in 31 mins so fast for me. 10k was 39 min.
By 6 miles I could feel my heel and it didn't settle after that.
The last 3 miles were a bit of a struggle and I was pleased with the time.
Now, I just need to sort this PF out

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Deuchary Hill Canter

No canter for me.
Here is what I put on FB after the race
"Just back from Dunkeld after doing the Deuchary hill canter.

The route was changed due to there being much snow on the north side of Deuchary hill. However the route we did was a stiff test.

62 runners started. Andy, Rhian and I were representing the Harriers.

The run was about 11miles with 700m of ascent and run on mostly good trails.

To be honest I found it a tough day. I went wrong twice the 2nd wrong turning costing me a good 5 minutes. After following a trail for a while under Deuchary Hill I became suspicious that I might have gone wrong because of the virgin snow I was running in. When i looked around there was a nice line of 5 runners in my wake.

On my way up Deuchary Hill Andy and then Rhian passed me on their way down. Once off the hill we had quite a nice fast track to run down for about 3 miles. Within 100m of the finish I was stricken with cramp and most of the people who I had worked hard to catch passed me as I stood there waiting for the cramp to subside!

All in all though a good day out. Andy seemed a bit disappointed with his run but seemed to be going well whenever I saw him and Rhian had a stormer after her efforts the day before. I kept hoping to see her on the way back but it didn't happen!"