Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Slow start to 2012

Along with 11 other Harriers I completed the Decembathon during a shuttle session. The day after we had the traditional Comrie new year day run. I felt my hamstring on the right was tight but was able to do the run.
After that I had 3 days off partly because of the ham but mainly because I didn't want to run, a v rare state.
On Friday I had a 24 hr tummy bug so missed out on a Devil's Burdens recce but ran the Galscorrie run on Sunday in a v encouraging 50.10.
Today I did the Glen Artney run with Kerry and had a good run. It was gloomy and windy but not bad for January.
I have been training in the gym quite a bit as well,trying to build some strength particularly in the legs.
It's x-country on Saturday, so I'll see how that goes