Saturday, 31 January 2009

Good and bad

The last couple of days have provided contrasting running.
Yesterday I had a real dog of a run. It was my half day so I set off on my 10.6m run from Comrie feeling sluggish and had a truly horrible run (83.13).
It was rainy and windy and I felt well below par.
I almost never finish a run thinking I could have done without that but this was one of them. I also pulled my R ham a bit.
Today was the club handicap. There had been a time trial 3 weeks ago which I missed so I was set off at an arbitrary time. The course is 5 m. I managed to turn my right ankle in my warm up but thought I would give it a go.
In fact as is so often the case I ran far better than expected and thorouhly enjoyed it.
I came in in 32.41 which I was delighted with and felt strong for 3m and finished well.
W.M. ran a phenomenal 30.50 which was easily the best of the day. He will be unbeatable by me at X country next weekend.
My ham was fine in the event although my ankle is pretty sore.
Its the annual harriers dinner and ceilidh tonight which I am looking forward to.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Recovery runs

After Sundays wet epic I had Monday as a day of rest.
Tue I ran from PRI to the Inch and back.About 4.5 miles in 33.45. Felt good and ran quickly in the last mile after a bit of NED baiting.

Tonight I managed to forget my shoes so couldnt do the club run and ran from home. I ran down to Braco and on to the 2nd 40 mph sign which i reckon is 9 miles rtn in 71.11min. To be honest i did feel tired in the 2nd half but I think thats OK.

Monday, 26 January 2009

La Gomera and WHW run

Since I last posted I have been to and returned from the lovely Canarian island La Gomera.
We had a great time there and as well as some running we did 4 days walking. The island is v mountainous so it was all good hill training and in lovely weather.
I started the holiday on the Sunday by going 600m straight up hill on the road from our hotel. This seemed fine until I came down and I realised I was hammering my knees. I decided not to do that again.
I finished that week with 32 miles.
The 1st full week yielded 40 good miles over 5 days running.
The 2nd week i did 30 miles in La Gomera including a 15 miler on our only rainy morning on the tuesday. That was my longest run.
I felt overall that I really benefitted from the break in every way.

Yesterday after travelling back on the Sat I travelled over with IB and GMc to to the WHW training run for Jan.
Sadly JK couldnt join us but there were about 15 starters.
The run started in Balmaha and went out to Inversnaid and back. A total of 30 miles.
So thats 60miles for the week. V pleasing.
I found that i was feeling good and strong on the run. Its a hilly old section especially between Rowardenan and Inversnaid. It was also a miserable day so it was good to have the company.
I ran mainly with GMc and Jamie on the way out and GMc on the way back. I was v pleased with how I felt on the hills so all those La Gomera miles have done some good. It was v wet so slippy on the tricky sections.
I was fine until the last 5-6miles and the it was a struggle home.
I ate 2 energy bars. I am finding the Mule bars good. I also had 2 gels and2l of water.
It took 5 hours and 40min.
So a good day.
My right knee is a bit sore laterally but hopefully that will settle.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Harriers winter run

Approx 6 m
5 Harriers did the routine winter run on a fairly pleasant evening.
I did a couple of hill reps on Craigard.
Apart from feeling a bit slow I felt fine. My left TA discomfort is not getting any worse and maybe a bit better.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

@7 miles in 54.36

Today I did a rare lunchtime run from work. The rum was down to the river and 3 times round the north inch. I felt good in fact as good as I have felt in quite a long time. Hopefully a sign of things to come.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Pipe run

7.8 miles

Thats 37.4 m this week and 30.4 this year

10 Harriers met at 8.15 and 7 of us did the pipe run which is fairly hilly and mainly off road.
I certainly felt tired most of the run but was pleased not to have any new probs as a result of yesterdays run.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

NIgel barge 10K

Finished in 41.07 min

IB and I travelled over to Maryhill for this 66 yr old race. It was v well organised and set off at 2pm.
I had v low expectations and set off conservatively. The 1st 5k took 20.09 which I was delighted with and I slowed inevitably over the last 4k to finish in a time that I hadnt really expected @ 45secs behind IB.
The main bonus was no new injuries.
So a good day out and hopefully something to build on.

Friday, 2 January 2009

A good start

I ran yesterday and today.
Yesterday I greeted the new year which was a stunning though cold day with a 10.6 mile run on road.
It was -4deg when I set off. I am running v v slowly at the moment but I have had a series of urtis and hopefully things will improve soon.
I took 85.47 min which is pw for that route but an OK start to the year.
I have a persistent Achilles tendonitis at the moment which doesnt get worse with running but does bother me more on the road. KBO for now.

Today I did a simple out and back from home for 5+ miles in 38.54 min.
Felt a bit better.