Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Out with the old, in with the new.

So, why do a blog ?

I have generally viewed blogs as a rather strange way to communicate with people. A bit like a public diary. I still think that but its also an interesting way of recording thoughts and events. To be honest if I dont enjoy I will just bin it anyway, so nothing ventured, nothing gained.

This will be primarily and almost exclusively a running blog. Its my main interest and will dominate my life for at least the next 6/12 (injury permitting) as I train for the WHW race.

So on the last day of 2008 I will reflect on the old year and look forward to the new.


This has generally been a very disappointing year from a running point of view.

I started off by being injured for the 1st 3/12 of the year with ITBS. So after starting to run again in April I have been trying to get back into it but fighting the weight I gained when injured and struggling to get any form. The whole year has been 2 steps forward, one back.

However there have been some good things.

  1. I have discovered an excellent masseuse locally who actually cured a hamstring injury in one session. Quite marvellous.

  2. I ran 6 new races and enjoyed all of them.

  3. I ran one marathon, the Nice to Cannes and really enjoyed the weekend. The race itself was hard as I just wasnt fit enough but I bashed through to narrowly avoid a PW in 3.21.30.

  4. I have discovered that I dont have to set a PB to enjoy a race. I set a PW at Stonehaven but really ran well in the 2nd half and came in feeling great. Quite a revelation.

  5. I had a great weekend on Coll and ran the half M there to finish 3rd. Again my time was poor but I finished well, overtaking 2 in the last 2 miles in horrible conditions and really enjoyed it.

  6. I won our club championship. I'm still not sure how but I was absolutely delighted to overtake the runner in front of me at the last possible minute to win by the narrowest margin. This despite having my worst year ever.

There have also been some lows;

  1. I have run a pathetic 1110 miles this year which is the lowest total in 9 years of running.

  2. I have been plagued by injuries. I think every muscle from the thighs down has now been torn/strained at some point and 2008 has seen its fair share.

  3. I failed to break 40 min for a 10k. I must remedy this in 2009. I must.

I do have other things in my life apart from runnning.

  1. I have a great home and a lovely wife who generally tolerates me.

  2. I have 2 jobs that I really enjoy.

  3. I love hill walking

  4. I enjoy gardening

  5. Alot of my family live close by which is great

  6. I am generally healthy apart from running injuries.

So what about 2009? Here is a list of my hopes for the new year. I have restricted them to running ones which doesnt mean I dont have other more worthwhile aims.

  1. I hope to finish the WHW race within 24 hours. Obviously the primary aim is to get to FW within 35 hours but having already got that under my belt I think I need a tougher target. I suspect that I am capable of running the race in < 24 hours but everything will have to well from now until the race itself.
  2. As part of my training I would also like to do at least 2 other ultras, I would also like to do Hardmoors, so that would make 4 ultras in the year which is 2 more than I have previously managed.

  3. I must get under 40 min for a 10k. Well obviously its not going to change the world if I dont but I really should be capable of this and some.

  4. Under 85 min for a half would be nice.

  5. 2000 miles in the year would also be nice. Knowing my fragility when it comes to high mileage I think this is a tough one but if I do 4 ultras I will be close. My previous best is 1850 miles in a year.

  6. Finally and most importantly I want to enjoy all of the above as much as possible.