Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Slow recovery

Only managed 20m last week. I had a bit of a hamstring niggle in the race but it wasn't until later in the week that it showed itself again. I just did a couple of short runs over the weekend but at the end of the Sunday run whilst running down a steep hill it suddenly gave me a sharp pain. "Thats torn it" I thought but i fact it didn't seem too bad and I ran yesterday with minimal discomfort. I think if I nurse it then it should be OK.
I have an enforced rest coming up in a week for about 10 days so that might be a good thing

Monday, 21 March 2011

Alloa 1/2 M

Yesterday, I ran the Alloa half for the 3rd time. It was a great day for running and a field of maybe a 1000. After a month of training I was pretty relaxed about how it might go and had sub 1.30 in mind. I didnt have my GPS watch so was quite surprised when the 1st mile went by at 6.15. I felt good, really good. I had had cereal and then toast and honey for brekkers and a finger of fudge and a go gel just before the race. I also took a gel with me for halfway.
After the 1st mile I settled into the race and decided to run as I felt (always a good policy in my view). Between 4 and 5 miles a woman runner collapsed just in front of me. I was surprised to see a decent runner go down so early in the race and stopped to help. She recovered quickly and sent me on my way. As a true runner I had stopped my watch before stopping and restarted it as I set off.
5 miles came up in 31.45. At this point I was expecting to start struggling and soon after I did have a dip. I took my gel a bit earlier than planned and hey presto I was soon feeling good again.
10 miles came up in 64 min. At this point I started to get excited at the prospect of a really good time. I had picked up a mars bar off some spectators which I had at 9 miles just before the hill and think that I would have struggled in the last 5k without it.
The last 3miles is fairly flat with a long easy hill at 11 miles. The last mile was tough but then its supposed to be. I overtook a couple of runners in the last 5k so felt my form held up pretty well.
I was astonished to finish in 84.32 and 77th.
This was my fastest half since 2003 when I set my PB.
I have pondered why it went so well yesterday.
I think the speed training helped and low expectations as well. Also it was just one of those days when I felt good. They dont come along that often so I'm not going to overanalyse. I also ate during the race and I think that was a factor.
I felt my right hamstring tighten over the 2nd half of the race but it didnt develop in to much. However I do have a minor calf strain on the left which only made itself apparent after finishing which is strange.
Something else that I have been working on is my running style. I am purposefully landing on the forefoot and extending through the stride so I have quite a high backlift. I am also working on taking short strides which means a higher cadence. This is all supposed to reduce injuries-hmmm.
What I did notice towards the end yesterday was a confidence in my technique and that felt good.
An easy week now to hopefully allow any niggles to sort themselves out. I don't think I will be racing for over a month now, it looks like Kinross 10k is the next race.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Another good week

36 miles and feeling OK. Ran 5 times
It snowed alot yesterday but we managed a good 8x3min session with 5 harriers.
I was feeling under the weather on Friday and it was a real slog to do 10miles but I struggled round OK in the end.
Its a bit of a taper now to the Alloa half in a week which I am looking forward to.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

A good week

V happy with a total of 43 miles this week.
Had another go with 5 fingers on Monday and did 4 miles which went OK. However 5 miles on Friday with some rubbly paths to contend with left me with v sore heels. I will have to stick to tarmac or grass for the foreseeable future.
Yesterday was a 1-4-1 pyramid which went OK and today I went to help with the junior harriers which I enjoyed. We did another pyramid 1-3-1 which was quite full on. After that Phil and I ran the south section of the TDS and back via strowan and lady mary's for a total of 14m. I was v v tired at the end but delighted to be ale to do that.