Monday, 21 March 2011

Alloa 1/2 M

Yesterday, I ran the Alloa half for the 3rd time. It was a great day for running and a field of maybe a 1000. After a month of training I was pretty relaxed about how it might go and had sub 1.30 in mind. I didnt have my GPS watch so was quite surprised when the 1st mile went by at 6.15. I felt good, really good. I had had cereal and then toast and honey for brekkers and a finger of fudge and a go gel just before the race. I also took a gel with me for halfway.
After the 1st mile I settled into the race and decided to run as I felt (always a good policy in my view). Between 4 and 5 miles a woman runner collapsed just in front of me. I was surprised to see a decent runner go down so early in the race and stopped to help. She recovered quickly and sent me on my way. As a true runner I had stopped my watch before stopping and restarted it as I set off.
5 miles came up in 31.45. At this point I was expecting to start struggling and soon after I did have a dip. I took my gel a bit earlier than planned and hey presto I was soon feeling good again.
10 miles came up in 64 min. At this point I started to get excited at the prospect of a really good time. I had picked up a mars bar off some spectators which I had at 9 miles just before the hill and think that I would have struggled in the last 5k without it.
The last 3miles is fairly flat with a long easy hill at 11 miles. The last mile was tough but then its supposed to be. I overtook a couple of runners in the last 5k so felt my form held up pretty well.
I was astonished to finish in 84.32 and 77th.
This was my fastest half since 2003 when I set my PB.
I have pondered why it went so well yesterday.
I think the speed training helped and low expectations as well. Also it was just one of those days when I felt good. They dont come along that often so I'm not going to overanalyse. I also ate during the race and I think that was a factor.
I felt my right hamstring tighten over the 2nd half of the race but it didnt develop in to much. However I do have a minor calf strain on the left which only made itself apparent after finishing which is strange.
Something else that I have been working on is my running style. I am purposefully landing on the forefoot and extending through the stride so I have quite a high backlift. I am also working on taking short strides which means a higher cadence. This is all supposed to reduce injuries-hmmm.
What I did notice towards the end yesterday was a confidence in my technique and that felt good.
An easy week now to hopefully allow any niggles to sort themselves out. I don't think I will be racing for over a month now, it looks like Kinross 10k is the next race.


  1. Brilliant stuff Phil, clearly you're doing something right, well done. Looking at my pics from D33 my style is slipping badly, must get back to *posing* again

  2. Well done Phil.

    An impressive run. What's next on the agenda?

  3. Brilliant time Phil, you must be chuffed and stopping to administer first aid a true doctor and gentleman.

    I checked the results last night and was pleasantly surpised- well done.



  4. Well done Doctor, very encouraging.
    Keep up the good work and try to stay injury free!

  5. Well done both for the time and (of course) for quite properly stopping to assist. But curious to know whether you get official 'redress' for that in the final times/results? (Because you would in a yacht race and IMHO certainly should here.)