Monday, 9 April 2012

It's been a while

3/12 since my last post largely because not a lot has been happening. I seem to have spent the 1st quarter of the year being injured or spending time recovering from injury. At the moment I have an Achilles injury and a v sore neck.
However I have done some races. I did the Devil's Burdens and ran OK. We came 23rd which was a bit disappointing. We put a 9 man team in for the 3rd Eastern district X-country and again I felt below par.
The national x country was a shocker bit I did it and spent a minute retrieving and replacing a shoe.
In retrospect Alloa half went quite well. I did 86.43 which was OK and a good turn out of the club. After Alloa I clearly had an Achilles strain and eventually got the message and rested it. Unfortunately the national road running relays came along which I felt I had to do and again I had a shocker and a sore Achilles at the end.
So what now ?
I think the Achilles is improving but not better yet. I am x training fairly conscientiously which should help and it's just a case of being patient.