Friday, 27 September 2013

Just over a week to go

My hamstring has slowly recovered after the massage. I have only run 16 miles so far this week but that's probably OK. The important thing is to be on the start line.
I did a speed session last night and ran 2.3 miles hard and it was OK. My run today was painfully laboured though. My energy levels just haven't recovered from my cold but I have 9 days yet so let's hope.

Monday, 23 September 2013

2 weeks to go

Things have gone a bit downhill since the last post.
I had a rubbish week off with a cold and poor weather and managed 40 miles in 2 weeks. However last week in spite of feeling below par still I did 44 miles including a 15 and a 13.
Plan is to try and keep things on course this week then taper. I have picked up a tight hamstring but had a massage last night which should help.

Thursday, 5 September 2013


Another highly successful day at Comrie. I ended up running leg 4 again after some last minute changes. In admittedly ideal conditions I recoreded my best time for this leg of 49.28 beating my best in 2006 of 49.38. The weather ewas breezy but the ground bone dry. I set off with a Carnegie guy a few secs behind in 6th place. By the shakey bridge I had caught a Carnethy runner and after hammering down the Maam Rd I passed a Corstophine runner going up the monument road. I ran out of steam coming through the woods and the Carnegie runner went past me and away finishing 20 secs in front. Still, a good run, probably my best since March. On Tuesday I did an 18 mile road run so I have 2 18 milers on the road and 2 20 mile TDSs. Chester is 4 weeks on Sunday and I am feeling quite good about it. The 18 miler was a hilly one and an average of 7.50 pace seems OK