Thursday, 29 December 2011

2012 approaches

December has been a slightly odd month. I have been doing our club Decembathon which involves running at least 3m every day. It's been OK and I have done it so far but I do miss rest days and there is a temptation not to run v far.
2011 has been a year of 2 halves for me. The 1st half was terrible but the 2nd pretty good on the whole. I have done 2 marathons (both v slow) and 4 halfs all pretty good. In addition I have done the OMM and lots of other races.
In 2012 I am helping organise a marathon in Strathearn which should be v exciting. We already have 16 entrants.
I have very few goals for 2012 except to run injury free and race as much and as well as I can. Of course I could put some times down here for various distances but there's little point in doing that as one calf strain blows it.
I feel very enthusiastic about the next few months. Lots of races planned and we are moving back to Comrie in 3 weeks where I like to do my running.
I wish anyone reading this a healthy and happy 2012.
As Brucie would say if he hosted a show called scrictly running, keeeeeeeeeeeeeep running !

Saturday, 3 December 2011

La Gomera

I am a week into a 2 week holiday on the lovely Canarian ialand of La Gomera.
The weather has been idyllic for getting a tan but running is tough with barely a flat bit of road to be seen.
I have run 7/8 days here so far  and not a run over 7m.
In general I have felt sluggish and legs sore but its all good as it is so lovely running in the sun and warmth.
I have undertaken the Decembathon which is a challenge to run every day in December at least 3m. So far so good with at least 4m done on each of the 1st 3 days. I am also swimming every day in a lovely pool and even going to the gym