Tuesday, 21 July 2015

A bit better

My last few runs have been shocking, the worst I can remember. Feels like running through treacle.
Today I did a flat 5 miler and it felt a bit better. I averaged 8.36 and the last mile was the fastest.
Still no idea how to progress but will continue with the diet and slow running for now.

Friday, 17 July 2015


I found the HR limited running very frustrating and decided to bin it earlier this week.
The diet is OK but it is fair to say that it's novelty value has worn off. There is a lot in the news about sugar and it's evils at the moment so I feel part of the zeitgeist.
My weight has evened out at 11st 11lb.
The running with the exception of yesterday has been OK. I am ticking along at about 8.30 pace and not feeling like I want to run any faster or that I would feel comfortable any faster. Yesterday I ran around the old fortnight run and struggled a lot. I felt v sluggish and it just didn't get any better.
I don't really feel I know what I am doing at the moment but will carry with what seems right.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015


I'm probably posting a little late but better late...
In the last 2 yrs i've been wearing plastic heel cups, in the last 18 months calf guards. It takes me some time to get ready for a run nowadays. In fairness I went most of last year without an injury. Had a disastrous Niagara falls marathon last october. I completely fell apart in the last 10 miles and crawled in in 3.52. This follows a pattern in marathons since 2009 when I have struggled +++ i the last 6 miles.
I have had an OK year so far but haven't raced. Got a parkrun 5K of 19.12.
4 weeks ago I pulled a calf and during my rehab and holiday I read Christopher  MacDougalls latest which I have to say was a fantastic read.
In all of that is a fair bit about Maffetone's method. Essentially this is a bout getting close to a hunter gatherer diet and running in a fat burning zone.
How does it prevent injuries? By training slower.
I decided v quickly to have a go at the 2 week detox. Liz has done it as well.
I wont go into what it entails.
Well I have just finished the 2 weeks and it has been OK. So now I can eat carbs and fruit if I want to and see what effect they have. It will be good to eat less nuts much as I like them.
I started running 10 days ago. The idea is to stay below a heart rate which is worked out by subtracting your age from 180.
So, that's what I've been doing.From a calf rehab point of view it has been a good thing. I am trotting along at an average of almost 11 min mile pace. My watch is constantly beeping so I walk until it stops. Hills are impossible. There has been no improvement in my pace yet. I did my longest run so far this morning of 5.5 miles and averaged 10.48/mile.
Oh, I have lost weight as well. 6.5 lbs in 2/52, amazing. I am now at my lowest weight since I left school at 11.10. No need to lose anymore.
I am waiting for his book to arrive and relying on what info I can glean from the internet. It's hard to see how I am ever going to run normally like this but for the next 2 weeks or so I am in no rush to push things.