Saturday, 29 May 2010

Night run on the WHW

I wanted to get a longish run in this weekend so when I heard about a group doing Milngavie to Balmaha I thought "why not?". The catch was that We were starting at 10.30pm.
Ian picked me up and we met the others(Peter, Richie and Stan) at 10pm and drove down to the start. The nightlife at Balmaha was evidently interesting. We had a bizarre conversation with an inebriated young lady and were glad when Stan arrived to whisk us off.
It was dark when we started and 10.30. After 2m Peter pulled up short and started berating himself for leaving his car keys in Stans car. This meant someone would have to drive him down and back up again to Balmaha. Richie and Stan kindly did the honours.
The run went as these things tend to, lots of chat and an easy pace. The conditions were cool and ideal. I quickly realised that my headtorch is no longer up to it. I was running in the light of others which is less than ideal. Ironically it was Ian who had a tumble shortly after the Beech Inn. He has a couple of lacerations but otherwise OK fortunately.
About 10m I really started to feel tired. By 13m I was remembering why I find the WHW race so hard. Its really difficult to run at a time you should be tucked up in bed.
I was OK most of the way but just before and coming off Conic Hill was v slow as I needed the light of Ian's torch to progress. Needless to say I will be investing in a new torch soon.
Peter and Richie did head off and the remaining 3 arrived in Balamaha carpark at about 3am.
All in all a good trip but a timely reminder of the work I am going to have to do next year if I am to do the WHW again.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Kinnoull Hil race

Wed 19th 32.39. 4miles
A great turnout for this race up through the woods and down through the woods. In fact we had 13 Harriers-hurrah.
I felt pretty good considering the weekend before. I hadnt run for 2/7 and after a good warm up we set off at a great rate of knots. Lots of elbowing for position. There are some pretty steep sections on the way up and after about a mile I was gubbed and had to nurse myself the rest of the way up. I reached the monument in 14min and with some relief set off down. A few passed me going down but not that many. In fairness there's no technical downhill running so it suited me better than most hillraces. I finished 4th harrier and was quite happy with that.
Unfortunately I seem to have another calf prob. Left this time. It doesnt feel too bad and as I have an enforced rest this weekend thats probably a good thing.

Sunday, 16 May 2010


I was planning a 5 mile pootle this morning until Ian suggested joining him for A TDS (20.5m). He had done a 20miler yesterday so i knew we would both be taking it easy. I am aware also that I need to get some miles in if I am going to make the lairig ghru at the end of June.
We started at about 8.45 on a morning designed for running. I had some concerns about a calf and a hamstring but in the event they behaved themselves pretty well.
So we enjoyed a good chat and both finished in reasonable shape 3h 10min later. Result!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Loch Leven 1/2M

Liz and I travelled over to Kinross for this race today. It goes around the loch as the name suggests. I had done this race once before in 2003 and found it quite tough.
We arrived in plenty of time but in the event were the last to arrive at the start which must be one of the least attractive starts around being in what appears to be an industrial estate.
Conditions were pretty good apart from a stiff west southwesterly.
The 1st few miles were easy with the wind behind. There is a fairly good sized hill at 4m. I had set off slowly and after 2M I started overtaking. I was able to pass people for the rest of the race which is a nice way to run .
At 7M a 2m hill starts. For the last 4m we ran into the wind head on. I was OK but feeling the lack of distance in my legs by 10/11m. The last mile was a trial but I finished in 1h 28.41 which I was pretty happy with.
It was a nice well organised race and 3 other Harriers went over for it.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Glenlednock race

Yesterday the 2nd running of this 8.5mile race was held which starts in Comrie. Its a tough road race up the glen.
There were only 33 runners and 13 of then were harriers. I think its all to do with distance. How do you know if your performance is any good over such an infrequently run distance? I just dont think many are going to travel for this sort of race. If it were a 10k or 10miles that would be different.
Anyway we set off and within 1/2 a mile I was in 4th place and watching the 2 lead guys head off into the distance. I had the guy in 3rd to hang onto however. The race is steep at 1st then undulates up the whole way. Its hard work. Of course when you turn round there is the motivation of seeing others. I had the unwelcome sight of the 1st lady just behind me at halfway and knew I was going to have to run well to stay ahead.
The run down also undulates of course and it wasnt easy either. I was tired for some reason and had to dig deep. However the scenery is lovely and it was a great day for racing. Cool and dry.
I could hear Beryl's footsteps the whole way down and with 1/2mile to go she was right on my shoulder. I was also harbouring thoughts of catching the 3rd placed guy. In the event we all maintained our positions.
I finished 4th in 55.31 which is 6.31 pace over 8.5m. I made it 8.32m so thats a less impressive 6.40 pace. However I am happy with either.
I also got a vets prize of £20 of somerfield vouchers.
We had a nice bacon butty in a local cafe so all in all a good day.