Monday, 10 May 2010

Glenlednock race

Yesterday the 2nd running of this 8.5mile race was held which starts in Comrie. Its a tough road race up the glen.
There were only 33 runners and 13 of then were harriers. I think its all to do with distance. How do you know if your performance is any good over such an infrequently run distance? I just dont think many are going to travel for this sort of race. If it were a 10k or 10miles that would be different.
Anyway we set off and within 1/2 a mile I was in 4th place and watching the 2 lead guys head off into the distance. I had the guy in 3rd to hang onto however. The race is steep at 1st then undulates up the whole way. Its hard work. Of course when you turn round there is the motivation of seeing others. I had the unwelcome sight of the 1st lady just behind me at halfway and knew I was going to have to run well to stay ahead.
The run down also undulates of course and it wasnt easy either. I was tired for some reason and had to dig deep. However the scenery is lovely and it was a great day for racing. Cool and dry.
I could hear Beryl's footsteps the whole way down and with 1/2mile to go she was right on my shoulder. I was also harbouring thoughts of catching the 3rd placed guy. In the event we all maintained our positions.
I finished 4th in 55.31 which is 6.31 pace over 8.5m. I made it 8.32m so thats a less impressive 6.40 pace. However I am happy with either.
I also got a vets prize of £20 of somerfield vouchers.
We had a nice bacon butty in a local cafe so all in all a good day.


  1. Good to read you are running again. No problems with the injury?

  2. 2 steps forward and 1 back all year so far John. All v frustrating but I enjoyed the race on Sunday. Loch Leven half on saturday so hopefully that will go well.