Friday, 21 May 2010

Kinnoull Hil race

Wed 19th 32.39. 4miles
A great turnout for this race up through the woods and down through the woods. In fact we had 13 Harriers-hurrah.
I felt pretty good considering the weekend before. I hadnt run for 2/7 and after a good warm up we set off at a great rate of knots. Lots of elbowing for position. There are some pretty steep sections on the way up and after about a mile I was gubbed and had to nurse myself the rest of the way up. I reached the monument in 14min and with some relief set off down. A few passed me going down but not that many. In fairness there's no technical downhill running so it suited me better than most hillraces. I finished 4th harrier and was quite happy with that.
Unfortunately I seem to have another calf prob. Left this time. It doesnt feel too bad and as I have an enforced rest this weekend thats probably a good thing.

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