Friday, 28 September 2012

A reboot

Thought my blog might have given up waiting for me to write something and gone away. Looks like it's waited patiently.
It's been a terrible year for running so hopefully things can only get better ( now I've jinxed things)
My Achilles prob continued for about 10 weeks in the end and I ended up seeing harry Burnett (top sports Dr) who found all sorts of things wrong and rebuilt me, sort of.
I started running v short distances at the end of June and have v slowly built things up over the summer and done a couple of relays but nothing v competitive.
In September I have been troubled with v low energy levels and I dont really know why. I have had a sore tooth so am on antibiotics this week and have also had a virus this week.
I entered the Linlithgow 10K a while ago which is on the 30th.
This morning I woke feeling OK son went out for a loop of Aberuchill and felt a lot better than I expected to. Managed 7,16/mile ave over 5 miles and felt confortable. So I will give the 10K a go and not worry about the time.