Tuesday, 19 April 2011


20 miles in 2h 55min.
This route always has a tough bit somewhere and today it was the 3rd quarter.
It was a warm day with a haze rather than sun for most of the time. I started in Taylor Park
I was keen not to push to hard but I always run as I an able to and probably ran a bit fast for the 1st half from Crieff to Comrie.
I found the section from Comrie to Turrett dam really hard and was v pleased to have some gels. However on the plus side I finished well and ended up with a good time.
Colin and Judith were there at the end so I was able to have a chat to them before heading off to lunch at the lounge.
A slight L calf twinge which hopefully won't develop into anything

Monday, 18 April 2011

Newtyle hill race

I popped into Ninewells on the 7th of April for a wee op which was more cosmetic than anything and remarkably straightforward. However I was banned from running for at least a week. Six days post op the 3rd championship race loomed into view and I decided to take a chance. Unlike previous years when this race attracted 20 runners there were 50 this year. 7 Harriers took part and the ladies did really well. I enjoyed the race although the hill was pretty dull, it was very runnable. I felt I did OK but no more which taking everything into account was a good result. I came 13/50 in a time of 34.56 which is pretty meaningless. On the following Saturday we had a great training session with 11 turning up. Again I felt slow but a calf scare had cleared up after resting Friday (sensible or what!) Yesterday we had a club Easter orienteering event in glorious sunshine. I was utterly useless but enjoyed the running. This evening I entered 2 marathons, the Cape Wrath in May and the Mersey in October

Monday, 4 April 2011


After a decidedly average week we had a 5 mile time trial Sat am. I was 32.32 which is about 20secs off a pb so not bad. Felt pretty knackered the whole way round though.
Yesterday Phil, Rhian and I did a slightly modified TDS. Exactly 20m in 3.18.
I am so pleased to get that one under my belt. Felt reasonable all way round tho happy to finish.
I'd forgotten that seized up feeling in the hips!!