Sunday, 30 December 2012

2012 round up

2012 has been comfortably my worst year from a running point of view. An achilles problem in march followed by a calf strain in October meant that all running was either absent or difficult. I have felt either injured or in recovery or struggling for most of the year. My mileage of 891 is the lowest by a long way since I started running regularly in 2000.
I have done a few races. I did 1 half in March of 86 something and 2 10Ks the 2nd being a good run of 39.15 on a hilly course.
I dont know whether I have simply been unlucky or if this is a sign of things to come.
I will be more circumspect with training and hope a lower mileage helps ward off injuries.
Optimistically I have great plans for 2013.
I plan to do as much of the club champs as I can and aim to train for 10K for the 1st 4 months of the year. Then I will spend a month mountaineering  and then hopefully spend the summer training for the Dublin marathon at the end of October.
I hope 2013 is better but will inevitably take what comes my way and try and enjoy it.

Friday, 28 December 2012

That's it for another year

Have had a nice break over Christmas and some v wet runs.
The weather has been sensationally bad the last few weeks with haevy, persistent rain and the ground is now saturated
A run around the circular walk and Maam Rd is now a run through a sream for large parts. However there is always pleasure to be had from a run if you look hard enough. On Christmas day I did the above mentioned run and just as I ran west from the top of the Maam Rd the sun was out and the Strath was pocketed with mist.
I would say that I am struggling with form and niggles. I cant get a run without feeling my calves tight but on the plus side I am running.
Yesterday I ran over E Lomond and back with Sol. It was covered with an inch of snow and it was a cracking run when running was possible. I wouldn't fancy racing up there, it os steep and prolonged and was a brisk walk for me.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Mince pie runs 2012

It was a chrismassy weekend for Strathearn Harriers this weekend.
On Saturday we had a run at the top of Glen Artney
After running with the group from the church carpark then up to Strath a Gleine for 3 miles we stopped for mince pies etc. Then on for another 5 miles before 5 of us ran over Beinn Dearg and completed a circuit into Glen Artney. A total of 10 miles and no problems.
Today I helped out with the junior run.
The junior section has really blossomed and 23 of them were out for a run up to the monument along with various coaches and parents.
I was quite taken aback by the pace and strength of he fastest juniors. I felt a bit of an interloper as I have v little to do with the juniors but was happy to be out for the run.
After a v rapid descent from the youngsters and a much slower decent from me we did the circular walk in reverse.
Again, I felt fine although slow.
So thats 32 miles for the week which is the most miles for quite a while.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Glen Artney run

This year our mince pie run is at the top of lovely Glen Artney.
I hadn't done the circuit planned before so met up with Kerry to run it.
We had a cold but lovely day to do it on the 10th.
The 1st 5 miles is on good tracks and stunning. Then we went into the woods. About halfway in the track stops and progress is only possible through a firebreak. This was horrendous. Just deep mossy/boggy progress, sinking up to knees in places.
We finally made it out and into the glen Again it was lovely but rough going up to the old slate quarry.
Finally once we had made it there we were able to run again and had a nice trot down into Glen Artney and back to the car.
It was an 11mile outing and took 2h 39min so v slow with 2 miles taking almost an hour.
A great day out.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Some sort of progress

Had a great week in LaGomera. Running wasn't great but the weather was and I ran most days.
A couple of days after returning I had yet another twinge in my right calf. I seem to have been plagued with these.
Last Sunday after what turned out to be a 20mile week I had a massage which I hope will help.
This Tue I managed 10K on the treadmill so will do X country this Saturday and hope for the best
Weather has been wintry the last few days so I haven't run outside for the last week or so. It is good to have the option of a gym