Sunday, 16 December 2012

Mince pie runs 2012

It was a chrismassy weekend for Strathearn Harriers this weekend.
On Saturday we had a run at the top of Glen Artney
After running with the group from the church carpark then up to Strath a Gleine for 3 miles we stopped for mince pies etc. Then on for another 5 miles before 5 of us ran over Beinn Dearg and completed a circuit into Glen Artney. A total of 10 miles and no problems.
Today I helped out with the junior run.
The junior section has really blossomed and 23 of them were out for a run up to the monument along with various coaches and parents.
I was quite taken aback by the pace and strength of he fastest juniors. I felt a bit of an interloper as I have v little to do with the juniors but was happy to be out for the run.
After a v rapid descent from the youngsters and a much slower decent from me we did the circular walk in reverse.
Again, I felt fine although slow.
So thats 32 miles for the week which is the most miles for quite a while.

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