Friday, 28 December 2012

That's it for another year

Have had a nice break over Christmas and some v wet runs.
The weather has been sensationally bad the last few weeks with haevy, persistent rain and the ground is now saturated
A run around the circular walk and Maam Rd is now a run through a sream for large parts. However there is always pleasure to be had from a run if you look hard enough. On Christmas day I did the above mentioned run and just as I ran west from the top of the Maam Rd the sun was out and the Strath was pocketed with mist.
I would say that I am struggling with form and niggles. I cant get a run without feeling my calves tight but on the plus side I am running.
Yesterday I ran over E Lomond and back with Sol. It was covered with an inch of snow and it was a cracking run when running was possible. I wouldn't fancy racing up there, it os steep and prolonged and was a brisk walk for me.

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