Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Glen Artney run

This year our mince pie run is at the top of lovely Glen Artney.
I hadn't done the circuit planned before so met up with Kerry to run it.
We had a cold but lovely day to do it on the 10th.
The 1st 5 miles is on good tracks and stunning. Then we went into the woods. About halfway in the track stops and progress is only possible through a firebreak. This was horrendous. Just deep mossy/boggy progress, sinking up to knees in places.
We finally made it out and into the glen Again it was lovely but rough going up to the old slate quarry.
Finally once we had made it there we were able to run again and had a nice trot down into Glen Artney and back to the car.
It was an 11mile outing and took 2h 39min so v slow with 2 miles taking almost an hour.
A great day out.

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