Saturday, 30 October 2010

Still not runnning

I was making some decent progress until last Sunday when I reinjured my calf. I had got up to 15min on the treadmill a few days before that but after 12 min my calf suddenly went again.
A friend reckons a calf needs 6 weeks to properly heal and be strong enough to run on again.
I clearly need to give it quite a long rest.
In the meantime I am swimming 3x/week and going to the gym.
Its all incredibly frustrating but there dont seeem to be any shortcuts.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

1 month on

My last real run was the SWCHR 1 month ago. Since then I've struggled with an achilles tendonitis and when I did a 1.5mile run 2 weeks ago I strained my calf!!
I am feeling pretty good however. I have started swimming and even done some cycling and joined a gym. I feel alot less stiff and sore than I usually do and can now get out of the chair without hobbling the 1st few steps.
Swimming is v v difficult for me but does fit in well with work. I felt like the new boy in Perth when I got in the fast lane. I was ejected for being slow and swimming on the wrong side.
So what about running? I will do v short runs on the treadmill for a while until I am convinced everything is OK. It really is almost like starting all over again.
I need to cross train when I start running and cut down on the number of races I am doing.
This year really has been a running disaster but hopefully I can lay the foundations for a better year in 2011. If not there is always golf.