Thursday, 31 December 2009

Review of 2009

So I have managed to contribute fairly regularly to this blog for a year now.
Overall I do think it has been a worthwhile thing to do and it is nice to reflect.
I had 6 goals for 2009;

1. My aim for the WHW was < 24hrs which I didnt achieve. However with great support I did finish it in a PB of 25.40 which is a significant achievement. Sadly it would appear that I am incapable of < 24hours but I feel quite able to live with that and wont be doing the WHW again in the forseeable future.
2. I aimed to do 4 ultras and did 3. I opted out of Hardmoors. I am sure i did the correct thing and have no regrets.
3. I did achieve a sub 40 10K at E Kilbride of 38.53
4. My best 1/2 m was at Inverness which was 1h 26.20. Not sub 85 but all things cobsidered not a bad time
5. I did achieve 2000miles
6. Did I enjoy all the above? No I didnt, the WHW was purgatory but I did enjoy the rest so thats a partial acvhievement.

So I give myself 2.5/6 which isnt great but I am pretty happy with 2009 so thats the main thing.

2000 miles

Managed to get a tough, hilly and snowy 11.3m in yesterday bringing me up to exactly 2000m for the year. i will leave it at that and reflect on what i consider a signifivant goal achieved.
I'm really chuffed !

Monday, 28 December 2009

Tough run

Did 16m from home on what has become hardpacked snow. Its abit like running on firm sand and I found it very tiring.
Obviously delighted to get the miles done and it was a stunning run with clear blue skies and lovely smowy landscape. I actually passed a couple of lady runners which was a surprise. The 1st one got a surprise as well. She was clearly not expecting to see anyone and screamed as I passed her. The same thing happened later when I happened upon a couple of lady walkers. Perhaps my WHW top intimidated them.
So 12m to go.

Saturday, 26 December 2009


I haved run 6m yest and 7 today. The plan is TDS tomorrow which is 20m. Will haved to be v slow but they all count.
Its v hard to know how well one is running when its snowy and icey. It all seems laboured and slow but the surroundings are beautiful.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

A run at last

Did a cracking run north of Comrie with Ian today. Great scenery and good conversation.
6m done.
Looks like Winter is here to stay for the forseeable future so the last 41m will be done with trail shoes on I suspect.
It was -10deg when I went to work this morning!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Cant get a run in

This will be the 3rd day in a row I havent run. I was going to run last night but in -8deg I just felt the risk og a slip was too great especially in the dark. Today I am on call and it will be the same this evening as yesterday.
So that will leave 8 days to do 47m. Not a prob usually but with cold weather to persist until the end of the year 2000m is touch and go now.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Bleak Midwinter

Tomorrow is the shortest day of the year in daylight terms and as a bit of a SADS sufferer I am always delighted to get it behind me. After that it starts getting lighter!
I have struggled a bit in the last week. The last few days have been pretty cold and icey and we had an inch or so of snow yesterday.
At the timetrial yesterday I recorded a pw of 34.40. My legs just felt heavy and I dont think I could have run it any faster. I was beginning to get a bit pessimistic about reaching 2000m for the year a few days ago but have rallied well in the last 4/7 helped by a great wintry run today.
I have run 34m this week and now have 47m to go with 11/7 left. Its a v cold outlook but I'm hopeful of reaching 2000m.
Today I did leg1 of the SWCHR and the Maam Rd, a total of just over 10m.It was -3deg when I set off but clear and bright. I really enjoyed the run. There's a great feeling to be had being out in conditions that most people wouldnt consider being out in never mind running and feeling in control. The Maam road was a surprise. It has been scraped flat and is like a well groomed piste today. Nice to run on.
So its a rest tomorrow and hopefully steady progress to 2000m after that.

Monday, 7 December 2009

A good week

I ran 41m last week and most of it was a reasonable standard
The speed session on Saturday was particularly good with 10 harriers doing a 1-4-1 pyramid
Yesterday Phil, Ian and I did an 11m road run in the gloom but is was v enjoyable and so much easier with company.
My right knee has been complaining a little over the last few days but hopefully that will settle and I can finish 2009 well.