Sunday, 20 December 2009

Bleak Midwinter

Tomorrow is the shortest day of the year in daylight terms and as a bit of a SADS sufferer I am always delighted to get it behind me. After that it starts getting lighter!
I have struggled a bit in the last week. The last few days have been pretty cold and icey and we had an inch or so of snow yesterday.
At the timetrial yesterday I recorded a pw of 34.40. My legs just felt heavy and I dont think I could have run it any faster. I was beginning to get a bit pessimistic about reaching 2000m for the year a few days ago but have rallied well in the last 4/7 helped by a great wintry run today.
I have run 34m this week and now have 47m to go with 11/7 left. Its a v cold outlook but I'm hopeful of reaching 2000m.
Today I did leg1 of the SWCHR and the Maam Rd, a total of just over 10m.It was -3deg when I set off but clear and bright. I really enjoyed the run. There's a great feeling to be had being out in conditions that most people wouldnt consider being out in never mind running and feeling in control. The Maam road was a surprise. It has been scraped flat and is like a well groomed piste today. Nice to run on.
So its a rest tomorrow and hopefully steady progress to 2000m after that.

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