Saturday, 27 February 2010

A week without running

Just online after 2.5 days without electricity and marooned at home in 3 ft of snow.
I have also had a virus of some kind.
However the calf feels OK so now the road is open again I might try a run tomorrow.
I think its all a blessing in disguise from a running point of view as I have really rested the calf now.
However the last 3 days have been really horrible. No power means no water/heating etc.
We have a woodburning stove in the lounge which provided our only heati ng and we used it to cook on as well. It might sound fun but it wasnt. Fortunately we both smelled so it didnt bother us!
Here's to a good March.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Under the weather

My calf was really quite sore after the massage.
Yesterday I started to feel generally grotty and today its fairly clear I have a virus of some kind.
Added to that its snowed 8" today with maybe another foot to come.
I feel things are definitely against me at the moment.
The Alloa 1/2m is simply going to be an ordinary race with no aspitations of doing well.
I need to readjust my focus to getting in good shape for early summer.
Perhaps thats no bad thing

Sunday, 21 February 2010

10 miler

On another wonderful winters morning I did a 10.5 mile run on the roads to the south of Comrie.
Soon after starting I bumped into Ian who was doing a long run and didnt seem to be having the best time. Hopefully things improved as they tend to.
My run was OK for pace. I averaged 7.35/mile which is fine the day after a race but my calf is still a problem. I have a massage this afternoon so hopefully that will help.
There were alot of cyclists out possibly in a race???

Saturday, 20 February 2010

National cross country champs

4 of us went over to Falkirk for this annual event.
I had run 5m last night and had quite a bit of discomfort in the right calf but thought I would give it a go anyway.
After a 1m warmup we set off on a glorious winter day. It was cold but bright with clear blue sky and hardly any wind
Phil went off to the front but I caught and passed him about half way round the 1st of 3 laps. I felt fine but by the 2nd lap my calf was a bit uncomortable and my pace dropped. However it was great to be racing again.
Not too far into the 3rd lap Phil overtook me. It did give me a kick up the backside and I gave chase. Now I have to say it was very uncomfortable upping the pace and Phil continued to surge. A few 100m from the end he got a few metres on me and I let him go. Well I couldnt do much about it. The final straight was v muddy but a few runners belted past.
I finished in 51.35 which is 1.45 slower than last year. However I am just pleased to have got round.
Ian finished shortly after me and Gordon some way back.
A good day.
My calf is stiff again but we will see what tomorrow brings

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

I spoke too soon

Got up Monday morning, went downstairs and pulled my right calf. Thats the bit out of the 2 that I hadnt pulled before!!
Its not too bad and I am cycling (indoors) but v v frustrating.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Back in the groove

2 much better days thank goodness
Yesterday I did the time trial at the harriers. Another v poor turnout but it doesnt really matter as its what I am doing that matters.
I did the 5m in 32.58 which is my best for about a year.
Today I did the 15.7m loop from home with hardly any injury scares in 2h 4.30. Thats about par for that run which I was keen not to push. I did it without anti inflammatories and without eating.
I feel I am back on course now but hope to go a long time now without any injuries.

Friday, 12 February 2010

calf worries

Did a 7 miler today but was wondering if I would be able to run at all.
After Wed nights club run I woke yesterday morn and felt a sharp pain at the back of my left calf.
I thought it would soon go but persisted all day. Anyway this morning it felt fine but after 6m I felt a spasm in the right calf. I think its OK but its a time trial tomorrow so we'll see.
I have now had 4 or 5 pulls/strains in my calfs. This could be because of all the running in snow in dec/jan but its getting v annoying.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

La Gomera revisited

Liz and I got back from our trip to the Canaries last night. We had a great week in the middle of the Atlantic and enjoyed a lovely hotel and great weather.
From a running point of view it went pretty well. I had had 2/52 off apart from a 2m tryout and managed 35m in the week away and an 8m walk. I ran 6/7 days and even ran on the return trip in Teneriffe. Liz is also getting the bit between her teeth and did the same as me.
My L calf is still delicate but hopefully the worst is behind.
I cant say what a great boost it is to get shorts on and run in the warmth again.
So back to the gloom but the evenings are drawing out and it was light at 7.20 this morning so things are looking up.
Almost all the running on La Gomera is on hills so it will be interesting to see what effect that has. Last year I came back feeling really strong.