Wednesday, 10 February 2010

La Gomera revisited

Liz and I got back from our trip to the Canaries last night. We had a great week in the middle of the Atlantic and enjoyed a lovely hotel and great weather.
From a running point of view it went pretty well. I had had 2/52 off apart from a 2m tryout and managed 35m in the week away and an 8m walk. I ran 6/7 days and even ran on the return trip in Teneriffe. Liz is also getting the bit between her teeth and did the same as me.
My L calf is still delicate but hopefully the worst is behind.
I cant say what a great boost it is to get shorts on and run in the warmth again.
So back to the gloom but the evenings are drawing out and it was light at 7.20 this morning so things are looking up.
Almost all the running on La Gomera is on hills so it will be interesting to see what effect that has. Last year I came back feeling really strong.

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