Thursday, 18 August 2011

50 mile week

Last week I did 51 miles which is the 1st time I've managed that this year. Nothing compared to ultra types but a big deal for me. I also did my 4th 20+ miler amongst that 51. It was 21.4M from Dalchonzie to Loch Earn, around and back. My time was 2.45 which is average but I'm OK with that at the moment.
This week I've run 3 times and am due a 2 day rest before travelling to Norfolk for a week. Apart from feeling gen a bit sore and tired I feel OK.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Helensburgh half

Much as expected I didn't run that well. 1h 26.15 or thereabouts.
Its not that I ran badly but was disappointed that I dont seem to be improving with what has been a pretty decent 2 months training. Perhaps its just age catching up!
I was simply running slower than I felt, its frustrating.
Even though I raced on Thursday, I have done this before and been almost 2 mins faster.
Anyway, on the plus side I am hitting all my targets so its just a case of believing in the training and waiting for all to come right, I hope.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Comrie fortnight race

This Thursday saw about 40 racers and 20 Harriers lined up in Laggan Park. It was a muddy, slippery course.
Patrick was in a different class from the rest of us and blasted around in 32.18. I was 2nd in 35.28. IO felt fine the whole way round but seem to be lacking sharpness. Kerry did enough to win the women's champs so well done to her, a great effort
I ran 7m yesterday woefully slowly and didn't do much today, certainly no running. Its the Helensburgh half tomorrow which I don't feel v well prepared for but you never know.

Monday, 1 August 2011


I managed 44m last week inc a 20 and a 13. Felt v v tired on Saturday and yesterday. Didn't run yesterday and felt better for it, just went to the gym briefly and had a short swim.
I always seem to go thro a spell like this when marathon training and I think the best thing is to take a break.I have done 185m in July which is easily the most this year so no surprise I'm a bit fatigued.
This week I have 2 races. The comrie fortnight run on Thursday and the Helensburgh half on Sunday.
I would certainly rather be tired than injured!