Monday, 8 August 2011

Helensburgh half

Much as expected I didn't run that well. 1h 26.15 or thereabouts.
Its not that I ran badly but was disappointed that I dont seem to be improving with what has been a pretty decent 2 months training. Perhaps its just age catching up!
I was simply running slower than I felt, its frustrating.
Even though I raced on Thursday, I have done this before and been almost 2 mins faster.
Anyway, on the plus side I am hitting all my targets so its just a case of believing in the training and waiting for all to come right, I hope.


  1. 1.26 and you're complaining? That's a great time Phil and I'd be thrilled to bits with it. Wait till you can't get below 1.30 for a half or 20 minutes for a 5k, despite training hard, then you'll have something to really moan about.. :-)

    Hopefully catch up soon

  2. Have to agree with Ian and would be delighted to hit 1:2x:xx myself! :-)