Thursday, 31 December 2009

Review of 2009

So I have managed to contribute fairly regularly to this blog for a year now.
Overall I do think it has been a worthwhile thing to do and it is nice to reflect.
I had 6 goals for 2009;

1. My aim for the WHW was < 24hrs which I didnt achieve. However with great support I did finish it in a PB of 25.40 which is a significant achievement. Sadly it would appear that I am incapable of < 24hours but I feel quite able to live with that and wont be doing the WHW again in the forseeable future.
2. I aimed to do 4 ultras and did 3. I opted out of Hardmoors. I am sure i did the correct thing and have no regrets.
3. I did achieve a sub 40 10K at E Kilbride of 38.53
4. My best 1/2 m was at Inverness which was 1h 26.20. Not sub 85 but all things cobsidered not a bad time
5. I did achieve 2000miles
6. Did I enjoy all the above? No I didnt, the WHW was purgatory but I did enjoy the rest so thats a partial acvhievement.

So I give myself 2.5/6 which isnt great but I am pretty happy with 2009 so thats the main thing.

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