Tuesday, 7 July 2015


I'm probably posting a little late but better late...
In the last 2 yrs i've been wearing plastic heel cups, in the last 18 months calf guards. It takes me some time to get ready for a run nowadays. In fairness I went most of last year without an injury. Had a disastrous Niagara falls marathon last october. I completely fell apart in the last 10 miles and crawled in in 3.52. This follows a pattern in marathons since 2009 when I have struggled +++ i the last 6 miles.
I have had an OK year so far but haven't raced. Got a parkrun 5K of 19.12.
4 weeks ago I pulled a calf and during my rehab and holiday I read Christopher  MacDougalls latest which I have to say was a fantastic read.
In all of that is a fair bit about Maffetone's method. Essentially this is a bout getting close to a hunter gatherer diet and running in a fat burning zone.
How does it prevent injuries? By training slower.
I decided v quickly to have a go at the 2 week detox. Liz has done it as well.
I wont go into what it entails.
Well I have just finished the 2 weeks and it has been OK. So now I can eat carbs and fruit if I want to and see what effect they have. It will be good to eat less nuts much as I like them.
I started running 10 days ago. The idea is to stay below a heart rate which is worked out by subtracting your age from 180.
So, that's what I've been doing.From a calf rehab point of view it has been a good thing. I am trotting along at an average of almost 11 min mile pace. My watch is constantly beeping so I walk until it stops. Hills are impossible. There has been no improvement in my pace yet. I did my longest run so far this morning of 5.5 miles and averaged 10.48/mile.
Oh, I have lost weight as well. 6.5 lbs in 2/52, amazing. I am now at my lowest weight since I left school at 11.10. No need to lose anymore.
I am waiting for his book to arrive and relying on what info I can glean from the internet. It's hard to see how I am ever going to run normally like this but for the next 2 weeks or so I am in no rush to push things.

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