Sunday, 6 March 2011

A good week

V happy with a total of 43 miles this week.
Had another go with 5 fingers on Monday and did 4 miles which went OK. However 5 miles on Friday with some rubbly paths to contend with left me with v sore heels. I will have to stick to tarmac or grass for the foreseeable future.
Yesterday was a 1-4-1 pyramid which went OK and today I went to help with the junior harriers which I enjoyed. We did another pyramid 1-3-1 which was quite full on. After that Phil and I ran the south section of the TDS and back via strowan and lady mary's for a total of 14m. I was v v tired at the end but delighted to be ale to do that.


  1. Beat my mileage Phil well done, did i tell you i saw someone come down that rocky path during devil race last yr in 5 fingers? couldnt believe my eyes!
    Have a week look at this site, it might interest you, meant to mention it to you couple weeks ago

  2. I cant imagine running 43 miles in 5 fingers.
    Thanks for the info though, I will have a look.
    I think last week may be the last time I do more miles than you in a week for a while!
    Are you doing Inverness?