Sunday, 27 February 2011

Barefoot wannabee

Did my 1st significant run in the 5 fingers last Friday. I did 5 miles on trails on paths which was probably a mistake in retrospect as there was a lot of gravelly stuff and I ended up with pretty sore heels. I did however quite enjoy it especially when I hit some grass but it is going to take some perseverance.
Yesterday we had a hill reps session at Harriers. I felt I did OK and really enjoyed it especially as 11 turned up.
Today I had really sore lateral calves. Not strains as such just really sore which must be down to the barefoot run. So that suggests I am running differently. whether I am unning differently in a god way remains to be see.
Today was my long(ish) run of the week. I did a 10.5m circuit south of Comrie on the roads taking in Glascorrie and Glen Artney. Its a stunning route and today was a lovely day again. I used to do this run a lot when we lived in Comrie. Today I had a great run surprising myself by averaging 7.10/mile. Thats not bad for this route and way better than I was expecting. Hope this positive run continues.


  1. To run in the Vibrams without causing heal pain you have to learn to land on the ball of your foot with the toes and heals touching down together then use the hamstring to lift foot and not toe off, the fact that your calfs hurt is a sign that you were close to getting it right, it takes a while, do you wear a heeled road shoe, I found that a transision shoe like the Inov@8 Flite fantastic as a road and light trail shoe,

  2. In my eyes you always run in a "god way". And this is only enhanced when wearing the foot gloves!!!