Wednesday, 2 February 2011

NZ ctd

1st Feb

Probably a little too much of the hospitality the night before and slept v badly. This place is truly stunning though. We have a luxurious room with views to mountains to die for.
I got up for a run and did just over 6m on undulating roads. Its high here, about 500m above sea level so v fresh in the morning. We had a nice brekky and then headed out to Taupo to explore. It was a hot day and we did the tourist trail of volcanic stuff. One attraction the "craters of the moon" was v dull but everything else was v attractive and interesting inc the Huka falls which is along the Waikato river.
After lunch we did a jet boat ride with "Rapids Jets". This goes through the Aratiatia rapids and is superb. I had the seat next to the skipper and had great views. Everyone got v wet and scared but that is the point of it all.
In the evening we met up with Fred for dinner in Taupo at a place called the Ploughmans. We had a great meal (Fish and chips after superb Kumara soup for me) and it was lovely to catch up with Fred.

Feb 2nd

Slept well with the aid of codeine for my high altitude cough.
Another stunning, sunny day.
Today was Rotaruara day. Its 80km north of here. A great thermal park with the highest geyser in the world apparently called pohuto.
I loved it.
In the afternoon I ended up in a running shop to get some sandals having doused my old ones with petrol the day before. I couldn't resist the vibram 5 fingers. Its hard to know how things will work out with them but I am determined to give them a good try.
We ate in a Thai restaurant which was v nice.
Great home baking in this B&B btw. We had lemon sponge topped with lemon and passiofruit icing today with our afternoon tea.

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  1. Sounds as though you're having a great time.

    Going to post some photos to make us all really jealous?!