Monday, 31 January 2011

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Sat 29th.

So today was the day after the storm. In fact we just had a lot of v v heavy rain overnight. We awoke to alot of water everywhere. However it was a pretty nice day so we had got all the bad weather out the way whilst asleep, well in bed anyway as sleep was difficult with the v heavy rain all night.
I went for a run (7m at 7.20 pace) which was good. The firebrigade were out pumping a couple of houses out on the seafront. We were wondering what the air raid siren was that we heard the other morning and it turns out it is to summon the volunteer firebrigade. It goes off quite a bit. Apparently if it is a continuous tone that is a warning of a tsunami and you have to head for the hills.
The rest of the day v lazy.I went for a walk along Buffalo beach. The sea was a sort of dark mustard colour because of the cyclone but people were still out enjoying themselves.

Sunday 29th.

Our last day in Whitianga.
I went out for an early run and did 6m at 7.17 pace.
We wanted to see Cathedral cove but the steps had been washed out by a landslide so we couldnt access it. We headed over to Hahei which was lovely and then over to Cook's beach which was stunning and virtually empty.
The rest of the day we sorted the house out for Dave and Emma's return.
Some neighbours, Leslie and Lois had offered to put us up so we headed over there for the night.
It was a really kind thing for 2 people who didnt know us to put us up in their house.

Monday 31st

After breakfast with the ladies we went back nextdoor to catch up with Dave and Emma.
Again it was incredibly kind of them to let us have their home, especially as we barely knew them. They have had a great time out here and it was good to hear their experiences.
We had a drive down to Taupo today which took about 4-5 hrs. Lots of evidence of mudslides.
We stopped off just south of Rotarua to see some boiling mud!.
A sign of things to come.
We are now at Kauri point our home for the next 5 nights. It seems v nice. We have had a great evening having dinner with our hosts, Gail and Robert and family and some other guests.

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  1. Sounds brilliant Phil, even better you are keeping up with the running (injury free)