Wednesday, 26 January 2011

New Zealand

At present am in Whitianga, N Island NZ.
Our journey over couldn't have gone any better. We flew with emirates and everything was on time and luggage arrived with us. We got the bus from the airport into Auckland and after a 20min walk got to our hotel. In fact its catered apartments. I have to say it was superb, really plush and incredibly comfortable bed. We managed to stay up after a run along the seafront. Its been v stormy over the weekend and was still windy. Great to be running in shorts in the warmth though.
After an OK italien meal we hit the sack about 8.30pm. I woke up for about 30min at 4 but then slept on until 8. Result.
We got our car after being picked up and headed off south to the Coromandel peninsula.
We drove to Thames then headed up the east coast to Coromandel town. All v pretty. Again a v lovely drive to Whitianga and we then found our house for the next 6 days. A friend is over here doing a 6 month locum and is away at the moment so we are lucky enough to be able to have his house. Its in a great spot and is a 3 bed bungalow. All v suburban but nice.
After some supermarket shopping we went out for a walk. This is a bit of paradise, so pretty. Below is were my morning run is.
This is the place we are staying in.

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  1. Have a great time Phil. The Coromandel is lovely. It is such a beautiful country. We loved living in NZ. I do sometimes ask myself why we came home but the pull of family is strong!
    Have a fantastic time and drink a cold tui for us!