Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Born to run

Just finished this book. Its well written and full of interesting ideas.
I intend to try and modify my running style to a definite forefoot strike with shorter stride length and see if it helps prevent injury. I did this on Sunday and fairly whizzed down to Comrie but slightly strained my R hamstring which isnt a promising start. Managed a 6 miler in Perth yesterday and although I could feel the ham it doesnt seem to have done any harm.
What about barefoot running?? I am seriously considering this when the weather gets warmer.


  1. Look forward to following how you find changing running style.

    Over the past year or two I've tried to change to a mid sole strike but when I see pictures of myself I'm still heel striking.

    My shoes do wear differently now so maybe I am slowly changing!

    Not tried barefoot running. Feel my feet are too soft!!

  2. Have to say I thought it was a great book too but still think we should all just run whatever way comes naturally to us!

  3. Everyone thinks they can run but its a skill sport and improvements can be taught just like in any other sport, the elite runners tend to have the skill and the truth is most of us were probably born with a better style than we now have but we have lost it by cramming our feet into badly fitted and designed shoes. Minimal shoes will force you to change your style from heal strike to forefoot strike. Soft feet are good as hard feet split and crack.