Thursday, 27 January 2011

NZ ctd

Wed 26th

Once we got settled into the house we were ready for sleep. Unfortunately the jetlag kicked in in a big way. I dont think I slept much at all and about 4.30 we gave up and read, had brekky etc. However it was a stunning day once dawn broke about 6.30 and we went out for our runs. I can honestly say that it was worth the effort of coming to NZ just for the experience of running along the beach with the sun coming up along buffalo beach. There is a real clarity at that time of the morning. There were lots of other runners as well. This climate just lends itself to outdoor activity. I ran 7m for the record but the distance was completely unimportant.
We had a max of 27 deg so even at 8am I was somewhat warm after running.
I went into Whitianga which is a 5min walk and got some bread and had a scout around.Its a popular summer destination but very unspoilt. No kiss me quick hats or amusement arcades here.
In the afternoon we got he ferry over to ferry landing which is only 1-2min. There we did a walk to a cliff top called Shakespeare's point. It was a lovely walk along beaches and coves.
We past the smallest library have ever seen and a Tsunami civic plan which was unexpected.
Onwards we made a beach called lonely bay
There I played in the surf. Great fun.
Back home we caught up with our favourite weatherman Jim Hickey who talks to NZ as if he knows everyone personally. Its a big country but a population the size of Scotland so maybe he does. He always give Dunedin a big hello, dont know why.
After that they had the NZ equivalent of watchdog, whinge of the week. You've got to love their turn of phrase. The big story was that a takeaway was doing deep fried oysters with chips but only putting half an oyster in each serving!! After some investigation he guilty proprietor was happy enough to talk to the disaffected customer so everyone was happy. As you can tell NZ is not into big news but I love these low key what are local stories that get reported nationally.
Thurs 26th

Slept poorly again Wed night. We had plans to get up early to go to hotwater beach. You have to get there for low tide which was 7.40am on Thursday. Why is called hotwater beach? Well its because there are some spots where you can dig yourself a hole in the sand and create a wee hot bath for yourself. I presume there is some thermal activity going on under this beach. Anyway we turned up with spade and joined a happy group doing the same as us
It was a another gorgeous way to see the morning in.
In fact the sand was way too hot to stand on in places.
After that we cavorted in the surf getting beaten up by the breakers. Brilliant.
We were home by 11 with a sense of having had a full day already.
The rest of the day we relaxed as it was pretty hot. We did go for a walk along buffalo beach.
I slept better last night but Liz is still on UK time.

Fri 27th

This morning we were off early to travel to the very north of the Coromandel peninsula to do a walk called the Coromandel walkway. They do call it as they see it here.
We headed off at 6.30. The forecast was not so good today with a tropical cyclone forecast later.
We headed over to Coromandel town (50min) then up through Colville and north to leave the sealed road on our way to Fletcher bay. There was 35km of gravel road to negotiate and negotiate we did. Wouldn't have been too happy if it was our car!
We eventually arrived at Fletcher bay which is lovely and set out for Stony bay
(yes it was stony) 11k away
We got great views the 1st half of the walk and saw no one.
The 2nd half was basically bush. Overall a really nice walk and quite challenging. We had lunch at stony bay and did a quick turnaround as it was starting to rain. It did rain quite alot on the way back but viz remained OK.
Of course we had 35k on unsealed road again. By the time we got home it was belting down with rain with alot worse forecast so we will see what transpires overnight.


  1. Ha ha - as soon as I read: 'we were going for a walk along the C walkway' I thought: 'enjoy the drive!' Good to see no improvements have been made since 03! We had our wee van and I wasn't sure we were going to make it back on the way out!!! We camped out there in our van - so beautiful.

  2. I didnt know you lived out here Kaz.
    Any top tips for the Taupo area?

  3. sounds excellent Phil! keep the updates coming and enjoy the break :-)