Friday, 18 February 2011

Back to the clag

A few last words about NZ. We had a great night out wih our B&B hosts, Geoff and Chris. We went to the local cinema/restaurant. Saw Winters bone. V gloomy film but good and had a good meal after. Boys were great fun.
Saturday we drove down to Auckland and dropped car off. No probs with it despite it being covered in tar!
We were in the same apartment block which was good.
Sat eve we were booked into the orbit restaurant in the skytower. What a fab experience. You get great views as the resaurant rotates around taking a full hour to go the whole way round. The food and wine was really good and not too expensive.
Sunday was our last day.
We went to see the "King's speech" at 10.30am. Sl surreal time but it filled a gap and what a fantastic film.
We came out to wonderful blue skies, had lunch and wandered around before it was time to go to the airport.
Got the bus and basically sat on various planes for 30 hours.
In fairness it was all on time and couldnt have been easier. Its just such a long way.
Got home Monday at 2pm. Went for a 4 mile stagger and crashed at 8pm.

Since then I've really struggled with jetlag. Worst ever. I was awake at 4am today but did get a couple of hours from 6.30 as I had the morning off.
I did the circulat footpath this morning which I found tough but it was good to get a run in before tomorrow's X country

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  1. The jet lag is a KILLER on the way home. Thought I wouldn't spoil that surprise! Glad you're home safely and that you enjoyed NZ.