Monday, 21 February 2011

National X country champs

Didn't really feel up for this at all!
However as I had pre-entered I went and after a v unenthusiastic warm up set off near the back of the field.
After about 1/2 a mile I lost a shoe in the v v muddy conditions and after a brief contemplation as to whether I should undo the laces or just pull it on again I heaved it back on and spent a few mins catching people who had already passed me.
The course was v muddy and heavy and I decided to take things easy. After a while Ian came into view and near the end of the 1st lap I passed him. I think his 30m run the week before was more responsible than anything I was doing. However after that I started to enjoy things a bit more and got into a rhythm which took me to the end.
I was 269th out of 451 finishers in 53 min.
In the end I was really glad I did this race. I think my v low expectations for the day meant that any pluses were big ones.
Next race is the Alloa 1/2 M so I need to get some decent training between now and then.

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