Saturday, 31 January 2009

Good and bad

The last couple of days have provided contrasting running.
Yesterday I had a real dog of a run. It was my half day so I set off on my 10.6m run from Comrie feeling sluggish and had a truly horrible run (83.13).
It was rainy and windy and I felt well below par.
I almost never finish a run thinking I could have done without that but this was one of them. I also pulled my R ham a bit.
Today was the club handicap. There had been a time trial 3 weeks ago which I missed so I was set off at an arbitrary time. The course is 5 m. I managed to turn my right ankle in my warm up but thought I would give it a go.
In fact as is so often the case I ran far better than expected and thorouhly enjoyed it.
I came in in 32.41 which I was delighted with and felt strong for 3m and finished well.
W.M. ran a phenomenal 30.50 which was easily the best of the day. He will be unbeatable by me at X country next weekend.
My ham was fine in the event although my ankle is pretty sore.
Its the annual harriers dinner and ceilidh tonight which I am looking forward to.

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