Monday, 2 February 2009

Run from home and club ceilidh

Saturday evening was our annual club bash.
This year was special for several reasons. The evening inevitably focussed out thoughts on Simon and Shelagh. Simon passed away 3/12 ago from pancreatic cancer and Shelagh very bravely came to the dinner. I had the privelage of awarding Simon the presidents trophy and I was very glad that Shelagh accepted it for him.
It is also our 25th year and Rob gave an excellent speech.
My speech went OK and some were kind enough to say they enjoyed it so that was good.
I was abit disappointed with my meal but otherwise it was a great evening.
That was the end of Jan in which I ran 192 miles.

Yesterday I ran 16 miles which is the shortest road circuit I can do from home. It took me 2h 6 min. I ran with my ipod which made a big difference as it dstracts me when i feel tired. Overall I felt the run went really well.
46 miles for the week.

Today I did an 8 mile run from Crieff that we call the pipe run. I did it in 65 min.It was punctuated by some blizzard like conditions but was fine underfoot apart from being v muddy. You expect that this time of year. At present I am injury free which is not a condition I am used to. As you would expect every run is done with baited breath awaiting the next twinge or pain. Well I will attempt to make the most of it while I can.
I note that JK has done a superb 232 miles so far which is 40 more than me. I am happy with my start to the year and hope to build steadily over the next couple of months.

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  1. Hi Phil, I did 152 miles in January so you are well ahead of me. Ian