Saturday, 14 February 2009

7x4 and a speed session

This week has been one of recovery. I think on reflection the long run last Sunday was a bit quick. Consequently it has taken all week to recover with some pleasant but slow runs.
I have done 4 7 mile runs Tue to Fri and today we had the speed session in Crieff.
I had had a few drinks last night so wasnt expecting to much. However as soon as we set off I knew I was going to be OK today. I ran the 5m course on 32.15 which is a 25sec improvement. I also managed a negative split with 16.11 and 16.04 . Afterwards IB and I did a circuit of the 10K circuit to get some mileage. I felt pretty lousy for some of that but seemed to come out of it.
On one of my runs earlier in the week I also felt as if someone had pulled the plug on my energy levels.
Next week I'm hoping for a similar week prior to X country on Sat and maybe a long run on the sunday.Hopefully no more energy dips though.

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