Sunday, 8 February 2009

Masters and a long run

Yesterday 4 Harriers went over to Irvine for the National X country masters.
I like the term masters , it sounds so much better than veteran.
It was a great day weatherwise,@ 5deg and bright. We arrived in plenty of time and watched the women.
Then it was our turn. We had 3 laps of 3300m. I set off steadily, tucking in behing IB for the first half of the race. I hadnt run one of these before and wasnt sure how to pace it. I found it harder than I expected. Its difficult to get a rhythm. However it was good fun. I ran each lap at very even pace finishing in 39.33. The prizegiving was great fun. Its a friendly event and v low key. liked the way the annoncer made it v clear the trophies were not for taking away. All v couthy.
All 4 of us did probably what we expected to do more or less.
I have another of these in 2/52 so looking forward to that.

Today IB and I drove to Linlithgow and got the train to Haymarket to run back to Linlithgow.
It was V V cold. This is in preparation for the Glasgow to Edin race in 5/52. We set off quite fast. Its all on the canal towpath so v flat. We ran 22m in 3h 7.30min. We did 7.5m in the 1st hour, 7m in the 2nd and 6.5 in the 3rd. So how did it feel ?
Well I found it OK. Its quite tough on the hams but otherwise its nice countryside and easy running. I think the race will be tough but hopefully doable.

56m for the week

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