Sunday, 22 February 2009

Review of the week

I have done 58m which brings my weekly ave up to almost 49m. I,m v happy with that.
Earlier this week I was struggling fairly singificantly with fatigue. I am sleeping v well but still feling shattered. From experience I know if I keep my head down things will improve and they have. All the same its worth noting.
Yesterday was the national X country champs at falkirk. 4 of us went over for this v prestigious event. There were 9 races. We saw the womens wonby the v impressive Freya Murray. She was well ahead of the rest of the field.
After a warm up we all assembled. 400 runners belting up a hill is quite a thing to be part of. I had overindulged the night before and feeling rather rough didnt expect too much. However I felt prettyy OK and after a slow start made my way past a few. There was a steep dip with a muddy bottom that sucked my shoe off. Luckily it went straight back on. After the 1st of 3 laps I started to feel pretty knackered and decided to settle down. IB passed me near the end of the 2nd lap obviously feeling alot sharper. I kept him in sight but couldnt close the gap. I finished in 49.50.
Today IB and I mey 6 harriers at auchingarrich. The plan was to do a TDS with PM joining us to Crieff. Instead of going down the road we ran to Drunnadarroch and along the river to Comrie. This was lovely but added 1.7m.
I felt alot better today and enjoyed the run. The weather was perfect. My mule bars are proving acceptable. Shame they cost 1.75gbp. We left PM in Crieff and probaly picked the pace up.20m was done in 3.05 and we finished in 3h 21.30. A great run.

Weekly total 58m

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