Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Deuchary Hill Canter

No canter for me.
Here is what I put on FB after the race
"Just back from Dunkeld after doing the Deuchary hill canter.

The route was changed due to there being much snow on the north side of Deuchary hill. However the route we did was a stiff test.

62 runners started. Andy, Rhian and I were representing the Harriers.

The run was about 11miles with 700m of ascent and run on mostly good trails.

To be honest I found it a tough day. I went wrong twice the 2nd wrong turning costing me a good 5 minutes. After following a trail for a while under Deuchary Hill I became suspicious that I might have gone wrong because of the virgin snow I was running in. When i looked around there was a nice line of 5 runners in my wake.

On my way up Deuchary Hill Andy and then Rhian passed me on their way down. Once off the hill we had quite a nice fast track to run down for about 3 miles. Within 100m of the finish I was stricken with cramp and most of the people who I had worked hard to catch passed me as I stood there waiting for the cramp to subside!

All in all though a good day out. Andy seemed a bit disappointed with his run but seemed to be going well whenever I saw him and Rhian had a stormer after her efforts the day before. I kept hoping to see her on the way back but it didn't happen!"

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