Saturday, 23 January 2010

Shopping in Glasgow

As I am not up to running yet Liz and I decided to have a day out in Glasgow.
When we sat down having lunch I was looking around at the other people and it suddenly occurred to me to ask Liz "is this what normal people do on a Saturday ?"
She was able to tell me that people who dont run most days or cycle or whatever it may be, do in fact spend most weekends browsing around shops and drinking coffee. I reflected that perhaps being injured occassionally isnt all that bad. I bought a new jacket and some shirts and quite enjoyed the day out.
Glasgow really is a v nice city centre and I will be going more often. I even enjoyed the train.
However we did spend quite alot of time planning running races which was also v nice.
The calf seems to be responding to rest. Maybe a couple more days off running will do.
The next event is a club relay I am organising next Saturday. Hopefully we will get a decent turnout.


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