Wednesday, 20 January 2010

7m tempo

Ran down to the N Inch last night to do 3 circuits. The ice has almost cleared thank goodness except for one corner which a cyclist discovered as he was passing me. I was amazed that anyone was trying to cycle over sheet ice and I was walking. Down he went but no harm done.
I felt pretty tired which may have been the effects of a long day at work and sleeping poorly recently.
I am getting pretty fed up of the dark and ice but hopefully better days are ahead.
My right knee has been quite achey for the last 2-3/52. I woke in the night and it felt like it had really stiffened up. It doesnt bother me when I run. Sounds like wear and tear to me. I have been taking glucosamine for almost a year now which I do think has helped. Hopefully warmer weather will help the knee.

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