Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A run of sorts

I struggled around a 4m circuit in Perth yesterday evening. My calf was spasming and complaining the whole way but didnt really hurt. I always feel rubbish when I havent run for a while instead of heading off gazelle like after a rest. Dont know why but thats how it is for me.
With Alloa in just over 2 weeks my best case scenario is to be able to run it without injury. In fact I may well end up not doing it at all.
This is all rather disappointing i must say.
On the plus side it is a cold but lovely spell of weather. We still have an enourmous amount of snow at home but the road is clear. We are just leaving the cars at the top.

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  1. Might be worth having a look at this post Phil.

    Hope the calf gets better soon