Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Slow progress

I cant believe it ! Its the end of march and we have 18 inches of snow and 3 feet high snow drifts. I ploughed into a snow drift on the way to work this morning and got well and truly stuck. After a short walk back home to retieve the snow shovel I was able to extricate myself and went to work the long way round. The weather this winter really has been terrible. We now have a functional generator so if the power goes off we should be OK.
Last week I did 17 miles over 4 runs. I seem to have all sorts of stresses and strains but thats not unusual after a layoff. I was in England visiting family and did 2 runs with my sister, Elizabeth which was nice.
On Monday I did my first 5 miler around Aberuchill. It was not too bad and it felt great to be out running around Comrie. Yesterday I was able to do 30min on the turbo trainer. Its great to have that option for the bad weather.
Weight: 12 st 31b

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